Serin Fate Release Date and Gamescom

Serin Fate Release Date and Gamescom

Publisher, Crytivo, alongside the development team, Vethergen, is excited to announce that Serin Fate is set to release on August 25, 2021. To add to this momentous occasion, Serin Fate will also be participating in Gamescom 2021.

Serin Fate is a fun brew of Stardew Valley meets Pokemon and was crafted with a lot of love for open-world RPGs.

Are you ready to restore the Fate Stone?

Moments before its destruction at the hands of evil, the Fate Stone imbued you with magic. Now, it’s time to learn about these newfound powers, armor up, and aid Princess Starwen in finding the lost Shards of Fate that may undo the damage dealt to the Stone.

Serin Fate is a retro-inspired single-player adventure set in a world of rich lore and magic. Customize your character, embark on your journey, and unravel the beauty of the land around you.


Key features:

  • Large and sprawling world
  • Epic storyline and narrative
  • Plenty of magic
  • Train, tend, and level your familiars to defeat formidable monsters
  • Complex stats and combat
  • Pursue deeper relationships with characters

Release Information

Date: August 25, 2021

Platforms: PC

Languages: EN

About Vethergen

Serin Fate was created by solo developer Cameron Anderson from Bellingham, WA (USA). Anderson worked on the game for 4.5 years. In 2020, the game was released in Early Access on Steam.

About Crytivo

Crytivo is an indie developer and publisher, founded in 2017 by Alex Koshelkov in San Diego, California. Crytivo works with game developers around the globe to help bring to market the best and most creative indie games.



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