Unearthing stories from marginalised communities and exposing the impact of foreign involvement in developing nations, Ruptly Documentary Collection’s ground-breaking offer makes for provocative and compelling viewing

Ruptly, the award-winning international news and media agency, brings another showstopping slate of investigative documentaries to MIPCOM 2021. Having built substantially on its catalogue since the launch of Ruptly Documentary Collection last year, the distributor goes from strength to strength with a carefully curated slate of new titles that explores universal issues, past and present, through a human lens.

Shedding light on untold stories from global events such as the migrant crisis or the Indonesian genocide, Ruptly’s new catalogue is an unflinching look into the impact national and international policies can have on underrepresented communities and places those individuals’ stories front and centre.

Key titles for this year’s market include:

Kashmir: Palestine in the Making – Indian Kashmir is becoming a settler-colonial state. In 2019, India suspended Kashmir’s govt. and changed laws to allow an influx of non-Kashmiri settlers. We spoke to separated families, evicted shepherds and victims of militarisation to understand why Kashmir is fast becoming a new Palestine.

Guatemala: The US’s Permanent Backyard – Shedding light on US involvement in Guatemala and examining how past anti-communist policies of the US inflamed military action in the country – leading to the disappearance and killing of over 200,000 indigenous people.

Indonesia’s 1965 Genocide: Germany’s Unknown War Against Communism – An in-depth investigation into German involvement in the Indonesian massacres of 1965. Eyewitness accounts tell the harrowing story of how between 500,000 and 3 million people were murdered by their own government.

EU Border Externalisation: Migrant Crisis & Death in Niger – a compelling glimpse into how EU policies around migration in Northern Africa have criminalised many once-legal practices and forced thousands of migrants to take deadly clandestine routes to cross borders.

Senegal’s Rotten EU Deal: Yes to Fish, No to Migrants – An eye-opening examination of the impact EU fishing agreements with Senegal are having on local fisherman and how the effect on the local economy is forcing many to risk their lives to reach Europe.

Reparations Not Deportations: British Racism & the Windrush Scandal – A timely investigation into the people affected by the Windrush Scandal: where the British border policy of the ‘hostile environment’ led to many people of Caribbean decent ending up on the wrong side of the law and being deported to a country they either only knew as children, or in some cases had never even been to.

 Matt Tabaccos, Chief Commercial Officer of Ruptly, said: “It’s been an exciting 2021 for Ruptly Documentary Collection as we expand and build on last year’s success. For MIPCOM 2021, we present a unique set of titles brought together with meticulous care and journalistic rigour. Building on our already extensive catalogue these unmissable releases make essential viewing and are suited to broadcasters and digital platforms everywhere.

He continued: “As the industry and wider world continues to adapt to living with the pandemic and the appetite for varied content continues to grow, we are proud to be able to present another roster of important and insightful documentaries to the market.”

For further information about the programs, please contact: [email protected], +447917763594


Ruptly is an award-winning news and multimedia agency based in Berlin, Germany. Launched in 2013, it has a global network of 3,000 video journalists, and delivers breaking news, live streaming, news packages and archive footage to over 1,700 clients worldwide, including international broadcasters and digital publishers of all sizes. Ruptly also offers operational support and broadcast services via Ruptly Ops. In 2020 it launched the Ruptly Documentary Collection, the online teaching project Ruptly Academy and was shortlisted in the News Agency of the Year category at the AIB Awards. It recently won the Shorty Award for best live event coverage.



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