‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ Review: Still Under Warranty

This animated feature, with Zach Galifianakis voicing a malfunctioning robot, sends up technology addiction with a decent amount of wit.

A computer-animated film that promotes the virtues of analog living and a would-be heartwarming story.


The movie, directed by Sarah Smith and Jean-Philippe Vine, revolves around a hot new gadget. Bubble, a not-at-all-subtle amalgam of Apple and Facebook, has invented the B*Bot, an R2-D2-size robot that plugs into children’s social-media accounts and becomes their constant sidekick, ostensibly to make them more social, but really to help Bubble become a surveillance emporium. It’s a story of Barney, a socially awkward middle-schooler and Ron, his new walking, talking, digitally-connected device, which is supposed to be his “Best Friend out of the Box.” Ron’s hilarious malfunctions, set against the backdrop of the social media age, launch them into an action-packed journey in which boy and robot come to terms with the wonderful messiness of true friendship. And it’s evitable full of laughs and a sweet message about friendship

Ron’s Gone Wrong is about trying to make a meaningful connection in the digital age, but unlike this year’s The Mitchells vs. the Machines, the film doesn’t really present a nuanced take on technology, beyond making it clear that relying on it can hamper real-life connections. However, the friendship between Barney and Ron blossoms beautifully, especially with Ron trying to understand the human concept of friendship, and creating his own algorithm based on Barney’s instructions. Barney also has a thing or two to learn about what being a friend means, emphasizing the theme of reciprocative relationships. Friendship isn’t as simple as an equation, and the movie does a great job of showing how much work goes into any connection.

“Ron’s Gone Wrong” follows a steady course, guided by a reliable ethical compass. It’s a spirited, morally sound outing that parents and kids can enjoy together.

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