Rai Com announces new international sales catalog MIPCOM 2018

Rai Com, the Italian public broadcaster’s division for trading in content rights, will present several new exciting titles in various formats at this year’s MIPCOM: TV series, movies, kids&family programs, docs, entertainment, performing arts and sport, including extraordinary television adaptations of literary successes.

TV series The Name of the Rose (50 million copies of Umberto Eco bestseller book sold worldwide, translated in 40 languages). With a budget of 26 million euros for 8 episodes and an international cast including John Turturro and Rupert Everett, over 300 actors, a troupe of over 200 people with two production units engaged in one of the biggest achievement of the last thirty years in Cinecittà.

TV series My brilliant Friend, 8 episodes adapted from the novels of the mysterious Elena Ferrante (over 10 million copies sold worldwide) acclaimed by both the public and the critics at the 75° Venice Film Festival.

Among the new TV series line-up we can highlight the new episodes of TV drama Ladies Paradise, the newer production of Escape from Mafia – A Family Saga, a brand new multiplatform project Donne (adapted from Andrea Camilleri’s book), and Antonio Albanese’ (popular actor, writer and director) comedy series Sewer Rats in Mafia.

Rai Com offers documentaries such as Arrivederci Saigon (Official Selection – Sconfini Section at the 75° Venice Film Festival) the original cross-section of the Vietnam War seen through the incredible journey of The Stars (an all-female rock band that in 1968 ended up performing in the middle of the battle field) and the 4K series of Alberto Angela programs dedicated to the extraordinary Italian Cultural heritage, including A Night in Pompei, Palermo and Meraviglie, A Journey in Italy – The Land of Treasures.

To the classical music followers this season’s offer is composed by  three new live peformances from the most prestigious Italian theaters Teatro alla Scala in Milan and the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice.

Rai Com brings to MIPCOM 2018 new kids&family programs of partner Rai Ragazzi, together with recent international acquisitions.

Rai Com has enriched its cinema line-up offer with new titles such as The Stolen Caravaggio by Roberto Andò, presented in the 75° Venice Film Festival Official Selection and We’ll Be Young and Beautiful by Letizia Lamartire, winner of the 75° Soundtrack Awards Festival.

TV series

My Brilliant Friend,  a series (8 episodes) by Saverio Costanzo

In collaboration with Freemantle worldwide distribution, Rai Com handles sales in territories CIS+CEE.

Based on the best-selling Novel
My Brilliant Friend,
the first of the quadrilogy by Elena Ferrante published in the US by Europa Editions. Produced by Lorenzo Mieli and Mario Gianani for Wildside and by Domenico Procacci for Fandango, in collaboration with Rai Fiction,TIMVISION,HBO Entertainment, in co-production with Umedia.

Written by Elena Ferrante, francesco Piccolo (Premio Strega 2014), Laura Paolucci and Saverio Costanzo.

Synopsis: The story begins in the present with the sudden death of Lila that drives her friend Elena to follow in her footsteps and retrace the history that has bound them together since childhood in a working class district of Naples in the 1950s.Over the years the friends clash, lose and find each other again but their friendship transcends any differences and, even at a distance, gives them both the courage to fight against a destiny of ignorance and submission. Eternal competition and mutual admiration spur both on: each is the other’s brilliant friend. The two leading characters are surrounded by brothers, fathers, mothers and friends of every social background, while historical and social changes sweep through the district, Naples and Italy.

The Name of The Rose, a series (8×60’) directed by Giacomo Battiato

In association with TM International worldwide distribution, Rai Com handles sales in territories CIS+CEE. Delivery of the series is scheduled for early 2019.

Writers: Giacomo Battiato (Emmy Award Nominee), Andrea Porporati (Golden Lion Nominee at the Venice Film Festival) and Nigel Williams (Emmy Award Winner).

Produced by Matteo Levi’s 11 Marzo film, Carlo degli Esposti and Nicola Serra’s Palomar and TMG, in co-production with Rai fiction and AMC Networks.

Based on Umberto Eco’s award winning bestseller. With The Name of The Rose, author Umberto Eco has created a monumental masterpiece, which depicts a turning point in history. He transposed 40 years of studies on the Middle Ages into his novel, which casts a new light on the Medieval Era and announces its dissolution. At the same time, this marks the dawn of a new age, in which cities, and no longer the Abbeys, will be the engile of the world and bring to life a new culture. The Name of The Rose is a highly acclaimed award winning bestseller, which sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. The book is ranked N° 14 among the ‘Best Books of the 20th Century’ by prestigious French newspaper Le Monde.

Cast: John Turturro (Emmy Award Winner, Golden Globe Nominee), Damian Hardung, Ruper Everett (Golden Globe Nominee), Greta Scarano, Michael Emerson, James Cosmo, Sebastian Koch, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Richard Sammel Stefano Fresi, Tchéky Karyo, Antonia Nina Fotaras.


Synopsis: Italy, 1327: The Franciscan monk William of Bakersville and his apprentice Adso of Melk arrive at a secluded monastery in the Alps, where they become witness of a series of mysterious murders. While Bakersville and Melk are investigating and searching for the killer, they are hunted themselves by the merciless inquisitor Bernard Gui, who prosecutes those who criticize the Pope. In fact, he sets out to terminate the Franciscan Order itself and so, Bakersville is on the top of his list.

The Ladies Paradise (220 episodesx45’), directed by various artists

Co-produced by  Rai Fiction and Aurora Tv, produced by Gianandrea Pecorelli per Aurora Tv, directed by Isabella Leoni, Marco Maccaferri, Riccardo Mosca and Francesco Pavolini.

Brand new cast for the recent episodes of this drama set in the 1950’s economic miracle about an eponymous revolutionary store in Milan where beauty and luxury are within everyone’s grasp.

Cast: Alessandro Tersigni,  Alice Torriani, Roberto Farnesi, Gloria Radulescu, Enrico Oetiker, Vanessa Gravina and Giorgio Lupano and the artistic direction by Daniele Carnacina.

Synopsis: Set at the height of the economic boom, Paradiso delle Signore (The Ladies Paradise) will use the conflicts of their everyday lives to tell the story of women, their values and aspirations, their solidarity as they grow and pursue their individual fulfilment. An exciting women’s journey, encompassing the search for change and the legacy of the past, rules and transgressions, the revolution in customs and the defence of traditional values. 1960s. The Amato family, on the other hand, came from the South in search of work and social advancement.

Escape from Mafia – A Family Saga, (4×100’) directed by Ricky Tognazzi

Co-produced by Rai Fiction and Roberto Sessa’s Picomedia production supported by Apulia Film Commission fund.

Original idea and screenplay by Laura Toscano and Franco Marotta, under the supervision of Simona Izzo.

Cast: Luisa Ranieri, Thomas Trabacchi, Francesco Arca, Miriam Dalmazio, Cristiano Caccamo, Emilio Fallarino, Giuseppe Spata, Vittorio Magazzu’, Francesca Di Maggio, Primo Reggiani and with Lina Sastri.

Synopsis: The epic story of one of the many Sicilian families forced to emigrate to America in order to escape from the mafia’s revenge. The saga that develops around a courageous mother always ready to fight for her family’s survival and life, played by Luisa Ranieri, recalls the atmospheres of classics such as “Once upon a time in America”.

That’s Happiness (26×50’ – 2 seasons), directed by Riccardo Milani and Francesco Vicario

This romantic comedy TV series is produced by Publispei in collaboration with Rai Fiction.

Cast: Claudio Santamaria, Claudia Pandolfi, Alessandro Roja, Lunetta Savino, Myriam Catania, Federica De Cola, Giulia Bevilacqua, Paolo Mazzarelli, Ninetto Davoli, Caterina Murino, Ettore Bassi.

Synopsis : A man, a woman, and a great love story. However, this time it seems to have ended really badly, because what appeared to be a story of happiness ends up being the greatest blunder of their lives. The worst misfortune that could have befallen them.. but are these really the problems of life?

Inspector Coliandro – Season 7, directed by Manetti Bros

This hugely successful crime series about the redemption of a rogue police unit in its fight against organized crime has reached the 7th season!

Co-produced by Rai Fiction and Vela Film, produced by Tommaso Dazzi, associate producer Maurizio Tini, the TV series is written by Carlo Lucarelli and Giampiero Rigosi.

Synopsis:  Inspector Coliandro is one of TV’s best-loved characters and the new adventures will take us into the murkier side of modern Italy. Coliandro couldn’t be less like a television hero, he is a mostly “politically incorrect” cop and that is why everyone loves him! Drawn into incredible urban cases, Coliandro often and willingly ends up in trouble and has to tackle the criminal world by force or –more often- by accident.

Donne, (10×10’) directed by Emanuele Imbucci

This Rai Fiction inovative production, created by Gloria Giorgianni ‘s Anele Production with Tore Sansonetti and Carola Schinina is adapted from the Andrea Camilleri homonym book. Donne is a brand new TV format, 10’ shorts broadcasted on Rai1.

For the first time on television, the feminine universe is told through the eyes of a man, Andrea Camilleri (the author of Detective Montalbano). Women of all facets and types, strong, free, bold but always extremely feminine. The writer himself has chosen the 39 women to represent the characters narrated in his book.

Cast: Neri Marcorè, Giampaolo Morelli, Claudio Gioè, Vincenzo Amato, Dario Aita, Glen Blackhall, Gabriele Rossi, Giorgio Pesce, Giovanni D’Aleo, Davide Tornesi, Nino Frassica, Francesco Mandelli, Johannes Brandrup. Andrea Camilleri introduces each episode while the narrator’s off voice is Leo Gullotta.

Synopsis: Taken from Andrea Camilleri’s eponymous collection of short stories ‘Donne’, published by Rizzoli, this TV/web project revolves around 10 women and recounts the discovery of seduction, sex and the formidable and unsolvable enigma that is the universe of women. The episodes tell of Camilleri’s meetings and personal experiences. The innovative 10-minute format of the television version seeks to retain all the lightness and power of the short story, as well to represent the essence of each of the women described. It is a modular project, usable on various platforms, combining consistency and literary quality with a modern, cross-media language.

Sewer Rats in Mafia, (6 x25’) directed by Antonio Albanese

Co-produced by Rai Fiction and Mario Gianani and Lorenzo Mieli for Wildside, this detective comedy series is an original subject and screenplay by Antonio Albanese, in collaboration with Alessandro Castriota.

Cast: Antonio Albanese, Nicola Rignanese, Lorenza Indovina, Michela De Rossi, Andrea Colombo, Clelia Piscitello with the participation of Tony Sperandeo.

Synopsis:  Antonio Albanese makes his debut in the Rai series. Six exhilarating looks behind the scenes of the villa of a mafia member on the run and his multifaceted family: his wife, two children and a couple of elderly uncles. It’s more than a mere villa though, it being equipped not only with cameras, alarms, and fences, but also underground tunnels, hiding places and a bunker. This paraphernalia ensures that boss Alex Parrinni can manage his criminal enterprises comfortably from home with the help and collaboration of his clan. A ‘mouse’ like existence as the title says.

A life of comic, surreal, and extreme situations, which are used to intelligently and skilfully condemn the life of fugitive criminals, their codes of honour, their ignorance, and their misery.


Thanks to partnership with major international broadcasters such as Arte, France Television and RSI, Rai Com’s docs line-up highlights a line of products designed specifically for global markets and Festivals.

Arrivederci Saigon, directed by Wilma Labate (Official Selection – Sconfini Section at the 75° Venice Film Festival).

Synopsis: Five young girls, armed only with musical instruments and a dream. From Tuscany to the Far East. They dream of success, but they find themselves in war. It’s 1968 and the war is the real one in Vietnam. After fifty years “The Stars” recount their adventure among American soldiers, military bases lost in the jungle and Soul music.

One of Rai Com exclusive documentaries distribution goal is to serialize Italy’s most extraordinary heritage such as the below programs by Alberto Angela, directed by Gabriele Cipollitti: A Night in Pompei, Palermo and Meraviglie, A Journey in Italy – The Land of Treasures.


Rai Com brings to MIPCOM 2018 new kids&family programs of partner Rai Ragazzi, together with recent international acquisitions. From the series Dixiland now coming out with season 2 and its spin-off Dixi’ Simple Songs featuring the most famous rhymes for preschoolers, to the TV special The Star of Andra & Tati commissioned by Rai Ragazzi to raise younger’s awareness on the drama of the holocaust. But also, the brilliant live action series Alex&Co produced by Disney and 3Zero2 in partnership with Rai and Fumbles, an edutainment series to improve English spelling and language skills, and the Russian TV series Woof-Meow produced by AA-Studio and directed by Alexey Kotenochkin.


On the big screen side, Rai Com has enriched its world sales line-up with new contemporary titles like The Stolen Caravaggio by Roberto Ando’, Official Selection 75° Venice Film Festival, and We’ll Be Young and Beautiful by Letizia Lamartire, Official Selection at the 75° Venice International Film Critics Week and winner of the Soundtrack Stars Awards. Together with the new Gabriele Salvatores production, we are proud to distribute Matteo Garrone’s Dogman, Italy’s Oscar Contender!

Source: Rai Com

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