PS Plus Games for September 2019 Include Fan Favorite Titles


 PS Plus Games for September 2019 have finally been revealed and fans of two of the biggest franchises are going to be really pleased this month. This month Sony is giving Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders III. Both titles are critically acclaimed titles. While Batman Arkham Asylum is a little old now, Darksiders III is a relatively new title as it was released just last year.

Starting with Batman: Arkham Knight, it is the final chapter in the long-running Batman franchise which started way back with Batman: Arkham Asylum. It was the fourth title in the franchise if you consider 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins a part of the series as well. It concludes the story for Batman as he tries to save Gotham City from Scarecrow.

The title was released back in 2015 so it was a pretty early release title for the current-generation of consoles. The second title in next month’s PS Plus lineup is Darksiders III. Just like the name suggests, it is the third game in the franchise. In Darksiders III, you play as the third of the Horsemen of the apocalypse who is Fury. She is the sister of the other horsemen and is on her path to vengeance.

In Darksiders 3, Fury has to find and kill the seven sins and along the way, she will find out a lot more about herself and the world around herself. Players will get to experience Fury’s weapons which also includes magic because she is a mage. Fans who have played the earlier titles in the franchise will also get to see some familiar faces return from the original titles in the franchise. For new players, the game packs a lot of unique content.

There are the two games coming in the PS Plus lineup next month. If you still have to add the games from the previous month, you must hurry up as time is running out.


By: Umair Khalid

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