PlayStation Support is Shutting Down Its Twitter Account

PlayStation is removing direct support via Twitter starting on August 1st. Instead, those who need help must browse support websites instead of directly message on Twitter.Sony informs its customers that it will no longer use its Ask PlayStation Twitter accounts to address PlayStation Support user issues.

Social media used in the right ways is a tool that helps people interact with each other. It also has become a useful tool for communicating between individuals and large brands. When there are customer service issues, customers sometimes go to the Support social media pages of brands which feels more personal to resolve any particular issue. One company is now removing that option and Sony didn’t give details about how it reduced its Twitter support.

The PlayStation 5 has had its share of problems since its launch in 2020, as are system crashes, faults and connectivity issues. Sony’s customer support reduction will make it all more difficult for players to find remedies for the rare cases where their PS5 gets out of the way.

Fan response is predictably negative, especially under the biggest PlayStation Support account. Sony may feel confident enough in the data it can consolidate most of its possible issues into short videos on its YouTube channel or through its Support website. It may feel that now the Support accounts are redundant and are just used as sounding boards for abuse on social media and would rather streamline support issues after years of data gathering and solutions to the most popular known issues with its products.

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