Pixar Animated Film “Toy Story4” will be Released Next Year

In 1995, after Pixar’s animated film “Toy Story” was released in North America, word of mouth and box office flew together. Pixar, who earned a lot of money, hit the iron and launched two sequels in succession. The two sequels also enjoyed impressive results.

“Toy Story 4” is the fourth part of the animation series of Toy Story, which was scheduled for 2014. The story will focus on the romantic comedy between Woody and the shepherdess, which will be released in North America on June 21, 2019.

Since the launch of the “Toy Story” series by Pixar Studios, the work has been successful. “Toy Story 2” won two nominations for Oscar’s Best Original Music Nomination and Golden Globe Award, and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Picture in Music and Comedy, with a global box office of $485 million. “Toy Story 3” won five Oscar nominations and won the 83rd Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film Awards in 2011, with a global box office of $1.1 billion.

In “Toy Story 3”, the toys found that they had no personal freedom in the kindergarten. The toy “Strawberry Bear” controlled the fate of the toys in the kindergarten. So Hu Di decided to lead the toys to leave the kindergarten and return to Andy’s side. They are all united and begin to brew a great escape plan. Of course, they have to face a thrilling adventure. The story of “Toy Story 4” will continue in the episode, the children will become young, and the return of toys will be even more embarrassing. Of course, it is not excluded that Pixar will open up a new story direction and develop the series of films better.

Therefore, for “Toy Story 4”, fans are very much looking forward to it. After the sexual scandal in Hollywood broke out, Pixar veteran John Lassett temporarily left the company because of subordinates’ allegations of sexual harassment. The departure of John Rasset also suspended the film project of “Toy Story 4”. At that time, many netizens worried that “Toy Story 4” would not be aborted. Later, Pixar also publicized the new screenwriter of the animation, which made the fans have the real feeling that the film is still being produced.

Earlier, Pixar Animation Studios President Jim Morris revealed in an interview that “Toy Story 4” will be independent of the first three works: “The Toy Story” trilogy already has a perfect ending. I think “Toys” “Total mobilization 4″ is an independent story.” Meanwhile, Jim Morris further revealed that the film will tell a love story: “It is a romantic comedy, and no longer focuses on the interaction between toys and children.”

“Toy Story 4” will be based on the love story of Hu Di and the shepherd girl, the story will tell the disappearance of the shepherdess, and Hu Di, Buzz Lightyear and Tracy opened a new adventure story in search of her. .

Anne Paz, an actress who recently starred as a shepherdess, said in an interview that the film should be released this year, but the Pixar staff knocked out three-quarters of the scripts and rewritten them. It usually takes about two years to complete the rewriting, but Pixar chooses to spend time and energy to create a good story.

In addition, Anne Paz also said that I am very sad that the shepherd girl baby did not appear in “Toy Story 3”, I have not received the news of Pixar for a year and a half, I thought the role was cut off, but did not expect Pixar The creative director came to me personally, “We left your character in Episode 4”. In the past I used to record all the lines, but “Toy Story 4” I spent most of my time with Tom Hank. It’s really fun to work together (Hudie dubbed).

This passage also confirmed that the shepherdess and baby and Hu Di will have a lot of drama. “Toy Story 4” will be directed by the animator Josh Curry, who participated in the “Thinking Turn” script, and will be released next year!


Source: Chinese and foreign toy nets

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