Family Movie “Peppa Pig Celebrating Spring Festival” to be Released in Lunar New Year of the Pig

Alibaba Pictures Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as Ali Pictures) and Entertainment One (referred to as eOne) jointly announced that the well-known animated image “Peppa Pig” will be on China’s screen for the first time on the Lunar New Year’s Day (February 5, 2019).

Peppa Pig Celebrating Chinese New Year  Staging poster

The “Peppa Pig” animated series is a well-known IP created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker. Its film edition titled “Peppa Pig Celebrating Spring Festival” is a story featuring Chinese New Year, combing live-action with animated plots, which will attract millions of Chinese families to go to the cinema in Spring Festival, and celebrate the New Year together with the film.

Produced by Ali Pictures and eOne, issued by Taopiaopiao Film & TV Culture Co., Ltd., the film was adapted from the animated TV series “Peppa Pig” produced by Astley Baker Davies (ABD). Professionals in the film industry commented that the film is a bold attempt at combining traditional Chinese culture with a top-level international IP, and a first choice for families to watch during the Spring Festival.

According to reports, the Chinese and British production teams incorporated Chinese traditions ingenuously into the film, combining characteristics of Chinese Lunar New Year with animated plots, and presenting a cheerful DIY gift of the Year of the Pig to Chinese children. In order to let more Chinese families accept the adaptation, the film specifically designed the role of the National Treasure Panda Twins, as well as a variety of Chinese Lunar New Year customs such as Dragon Dance and Making jiaozi. At the same time, as the exclusive and officially authorized cooperative partner of derivatives of “Peppa Pig Celebrating Spring Festival”, Ali Fish, a subsidiary of Alibaba Pictures, will present Chinese consumers with derivatives of the film with specific themes.

At present, domestic films targeting at low-age groups are lacking in commercial operations and industrial experience, yet receiving high market demands. This time, jointly made by Alibaba Pictures and eOne, the film may serve as a rewarding exploration that accumulates valuable experience in production quality, interactive experience and commercial operation of films, thus initiating a broader market for domestic films for low-ages.

As is known, the “Peppa Pig” animated series of high-quality is the leader of preschool children’s enlightenment animations around the world. To be released in the Chinese New Year of the Pig, the film “Peppa Pig Celebrating Spring Festival” will adhere to the principle of “Simple and Happy” and “Warmly Accompanying”, pay attention to the growth of children, encourage family companionship, and create a happy family atmosphere, providing every family with delights and educational illuminations. The unique nature of the film as a family movie also makes the film a first choice for Chinese parents to see together with their children in Lunar New Year.


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