Oninaki Weapons Upgrade Guide – How to Upgrade Weapons

In this Oninaki Weapons Upgrade Guide, we will show you how you can upgrade your weapons and where exactly you need to go to upgrade them. Weapons can be upgraded and equipped with Shadestones from the Alchemist’s Shop. This guide will show you how you can access the Alchemist’s Shop.

To enhance your weapons, you can equip them with Shadestones or upgrade them. These can be done by first gaining access to the Alchemist’s Shop.

Oninaki Weapons Upgrade Guide

Below we have detailed where you can upgrade your weapons in the game.

Alchemist’s Shop

As mentioned before, to upgrade your weapons, you need to get access to the Alchemist’s shop. This can only be done after you have defeated Kushi in the boss fight. Once you have defeated Kushi, you have to go to the Alchemist’s Shop.

This shop will be marked with a golden symbol to the left of Deto. Go to the shop, and talk to the shopkeeper who will give you the option to upgrade your weapons or equip them with Shadestones.

How to Upgrade Weapons

In the upgrade menu, you will have the choice to use your old weapons to break them down for materials. These materials can then be used to upgrade the weapons of your choice to make them stronger.

The materials you get from breaking down unused weapons will determine the quality of upgrade in your new weapons. Breaking down high-quality weapons will give you high-quality materials. These can then be used to make your weapons stronger by upgrading with these materials.

The best way to get materials is to use any identical weapon you have in your inventory but have no use for it. Dismantle any duplicate weapons you have which can give you materials in return to upgrade your primary weapons.

By:Salik Shah

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