NVIDA GTC events in March

Billions of IoT devices are providing organizations access to an unprecedented amount of data, revolutionizing factories, hospitals, retail stores, and even city streets. Keep up with the latest technology advancements in IoT, Edge, and 5G. Hear directly from the leaders driving innovation in 5G network acceleration, automating smart spaces, deploying AI at the edge, and more.

On March 25, there is Developing to Deployment: AI at the Edge with Fleet Command. It will tell how to run on NVIDIA Fleet Command with application. What the requirements of the application and system architecture for security, networking, storage, etc. with details using an example IVA application NVIDIA developed. It will also show how quickly and easily NVIDA manage and update the application at the edge. The speaker are Troy Estes, Product Marketing Manager and Andrew Liu, Technical Marketing Engineer in NVIDA.

And on March 22, Jensen Huang will deliver a keynote to discover how leading companies build the AI Initiatives that align to and transform their business value at this Spring’s GTC. It’s free registered and you can gain insights from fellow leaders across industries on how to derive practical business benefits from cutting-edge technology.

If you are interested in Nvidia’s new technology, check the official website and register for the events: https://www.nvidia.com/gtc/

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