Ninja Chowdown is now available on iOS!

Smells like… donuts! It’s Ninja Chowdown, the hardcore and delicious runner for iPhone and iPad: now available for FREE on the App Store!

Vibrant, witty, straightforward but never boring – that’s how the talented indie team of Dummy Dojo has designed the levels and challenges of Ninja Chowdown. Sprinkle it with Abylight’s traditional level of polish for iOS games – you’ll get an idea of what the game is like… play and see it all in action!

???? Get Ninja Chowdown on iOS!????

Will YOU save the Know-Nut?

“I have an empty void in my soul that only donuts can fill…” – Donatsu.



Donatsu is the chonky and agile ninja who loves donuts more than anything – and unfortunately has to share them with customers of the Dough-Jo, a donut shop at daytime and a ninja dojo at night. Training, snacking, and fighting for Dough-Jo’s title of the best food chain: this was Donatsu’s life until… until Sushi Sam, the Traveling Rollnin leader, stole the Know-Nut, the Doughnut of Ultimate Knowledge!

Will YOU be able to get it back?


  • Modern 2D pixel art aesthetic
  • Food-themed story with an emphasis on donuts and ninjas!
  • Short levels, thrilling and humorous (30 seconds – 3 minutes)
  • 35 levels and 3 play modes
  • Unique and funny characters
  • Pets, clothes and weapons to customize your adventure
  • A special roulette that you can play to earn a super donut that gives one hit immunity
  • Haptic feedback
  • Game Center achievements and leaderboards
  • Languages supported: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil).

Ninja Chowdown has ads, which can be disabled later with a single payment of $2,99/€3,49.

The game runs smoothly on most devices with iOS 13 or newer, starting from iPhone SE.



Abylight Studios is a digital entertainment company based in Barcelona and founded in 2004. As a video game publisher focuses on working with talented Indie creators and helping them to bring their games to the widest range of platforms possible. For more information on Abylight Studios, visit its official website, Facebook, and follow @abylight on Twitter.



Dummy Dojo is a game development studio based in Southern California, founded in 2019. They’ve made several small games, and know they still have a tremendous amount of growth ahead. So, at the moment, they  consider themselves “dummies” who are training hard to become better game developers. For more info, visit Dummy Dojo  website, Twitter, or Instagram.


Source:Ablight Studios

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