Nexus Studios produce all-female animated collaboration ‘Boobs’ for breast cancer awareness

Nexus Studios have joined forces with the female artist community She Drew That for the production of a bold and beautiful new short film aiming to both help raise awareness around breast cancer and celebrate women all over the world. Drawing upon the talents of over 28 female artists, the collaborative effort Boobs was commissioned by publisher Happyluja to support the launch of an art book “to honour all women and all boobs” with all proceeds going to breast cancer charities.

This collaboration is so exciting on so many fronts. Not only does it bring together some of the brightest and most talented female artists working in our community but it does so for a cause close to so many people’s hearts. This project relied on dozens of female creatives, taking this on around other work commitments and in their spare time. To have a film we can all be proud of at the end of it is incredibly rewarding.

-Julia Parfitt, Nexus Studios Executive Producer

Boobs features music by female composers Neighbourhood Jukebox at Sister Music, with animation by Emma Kelly, Laura Robinson, Bianca Toloi, Ivyy Chen, Myungeun Kim, Olga Makarchuk, Caitlin Young, Natasha Pollack, Sheetal Thankey, Martha Dziura, Marta Lemos, Angelica Fernandez, Sorrel Milne and project director Hannah Lau-Walker with supervision by Lau-Walker and Nexus Executive Producer Julia Parfitt. The animated piece takes its inspiration from the illustrations in the book itself by artists Minji Moon, Jiaqi Wang, Kirsten Ulve, Dia Pacheco, James Daw, Catalina Vasquez, Eunho Lee, Bea Vaquero, Jovana Krstanovic, Yeye Weller, Takuro Takagi, Sona Lee, Ekaterina Milan and Genie Espinoza.

Boobs (Nexus Studios)

Breast cancer is still the most common cancer among women worldwide, claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of women each year. Featuring original ‘boob artwork’ donated from illustrators around the world, the book and film aim to offer a modern take on breast cancer awareness. To catch the attention of women of all ages and backgrounds the team have used playfulness and humour to encourage women to recognise the importance of boob health.

Each artist crafted their own unique interpretation of what boobs symbolise, creating a collection of vibrant vignettes all animated by members of the female artist community, She Drew That. The illustrators were carefully paired together with animators based on their style and approach and the final piece was constructed and pieced together by Hannah.


By: Ben Mitchell/Sky Wigly

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