New Resident Evil Game Inbound, Gamescom 2019 Announcement

 A new Resident Evil game seems to be in the works. We recently heard that Capcom was inviting some people to test the game and now the company is inviting even more people. Multiple sources have confirmed that they have got invites from Capcom to test a new Resident Evil game.

Emails were sent out to people that are part of the Resident Evil Ambassador Program. The game is supposed to be in “early development”. The fact that people are being invited to test it out means that it is playable. At least a portion of it is. As Gamescom 2019 is around the corner, we might be able to learn more about the game.

We might get a teaser and a few details regarding where the franchise is headed next. According to Patrick Copeland:

“Just got this via email. That Res Evil super-secret game test is coming to the US Red Evil Ambassador program.”


Teknoman also got a similar email and mentioned the following regarding the matter:

“Same, I’d probably find some sort of way to get to LA if i got picked.”

This is most probably going to be a behind closed doors kind of event where a couple of influencers will be able to play the game. I am sure that they will not be allowed to capture any gameplay or take screenshots but they might be allowed to talk about this upcoming secret game. If that is indeed the case then we might get to hear about some juicy details even if we are not able to see the game.

Are you interested in playing the new Resident Evil game?

By: Talha Amjad

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