New Record! “Nezha” with the Box Office over RMB 1 Billion

Break the record of “The Return of Monkey King” as the top of the domestic animation box office champion

By June 30, the box office broke through 1 billion yuan, surpassing the “The Return of Monkey King” (9.56 billion) , topped the domestic animation box office champion.

The film refreshed a number of records, hitting the domestic animation movie box office champion

Since its release on July 26, “Nezha” has continuously updated several box office records:

On the first day of the screening, it took only 1 hour and 29 minutes to break the box office of RMB100 milliong; being the fastest to reach the box office of RMB 100 in the animated movie.

On the first weekend after the release, the box office record was set to break the one-day box office record of the domestic animation film record on Saturday.

The box office broke through RMB700 million yuan in 3-days. “Nezha” broke the record of the highest single-week box office (RMB 580 million) of Zootopia.

With the current momentum, it is more and more likely that “Nezha” will replace ” Zootopia ” ($5.33 billion at the box office) as the box office champion of domestic animation movies.

According to the latest forecast of the Cat’s Eye, the final box office of “Nazha” is expected to reach RMB 3.431 billion. Previously, with the popularity of “Nezha”, the Cat’s Eye has repeatedly raised the box office forecast.

Douban scores the movie up to 8.7 which is the highest scored domestic animated film in the past 30 years.

“Nezha” is adapted from the traditional Chinese mythology story of the growth of a hero after a fight against the heaven with braveness and destiny. Since the film was released, its sophisticated production and stories with traditional cultural connotations have sparked a heated discussion and praise from the national audience, becoming a “black horse” for this year’s film summer.

Editor: CGGE

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