Netflix is launching a fully owned post-production facility in Mumbai

Netflix has announced that it will be unveiling its first fully owned post-production facility in Mumbai in 2022. It‘s said the live-action and full-service facility will be operational by June next year.

It will have 40 offline editing rooms designed as a flexible, collaborative and inspiring environment for showrunners, directors, editors and sound designers to create their best work.

“It is the best time to be a creator and consumer of great stories in India which is witnessing the golden age of entertainment,” the press statement read. Netflix also added that its goal is to improve the overall experience for their talent and industry partners, and equip them with the best resources to tell authentic stories in the most engaging manner. “We are in a golden age of entertainment in India,” Netflix said.

“We are excited that Mumbai will be home to this wonderful creative space. This reinforces our commitment to India’s entertainment industry as we continue to empower creators with the best resources to tell great stories,” Vijay Venkataramanan, Director, Post-Production, Netflix India, said in a statement.

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