My Story with Panda: My team and I Keep Making Efforts to Build China’s Top Anime Panda IP!

Author: Wu Honglian


3D animated film “Kung Fu Panda” poster


When people mention pandas, people will think of Sichuan and China. Because, the panda is a symbol of Sichuan and China. But the most famous one is the 3D animated film “Kung Fu Panda” from DreamWorks. As one of the earliest 3D animators in China, I always hope to make my own high-level panda animation works one day.

Pango and Paquin Project Poster


On July 30, 2012, I created my own company, Sichuan Hongyao Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and hoped to put my own industry experience accumulated in Shenzhen Global Digital (the earliest 3D animation company in China) for more than ten years. Develop the best Chinese anime IP. The main characters, after many thoughts and adjustments, were eventually identified as pandas and orangutans.

“Pango and Paquin” is positioned as a comedy-style “emerging system”; “Pango and Paquin” IP system includes new media content development, series animation series, film, game cooperative development, music stage drama, cross-border Authorized cooperation and other directions, covering the entire animation industry chain.

Panda Pango and Orangutan Paquin poster


The protagonist of the story is a giant panda “Pango” from China and a red-haired gorilla “Paquin” from the West. The combination of Chinese and Western is a rare animation theme in China. I hope to integrate the cultural conflicts between China and the West in the stories of the two protagonists.

Panda Pango and Kung Fu Panda details comparison
In order to ensure the international quality of the work, only the preliminary preparation and design work has been carried out for nearly 4 years. Each main character’s shape has been repeatedly revised and adjusted. The major changes are no less than dozens of times, and the detail adjustment has never been interrupted.
phone wallpaper


Typing method skin


At present, the project has completed technical, effect and style testing work, and has successively launched wallpapers, input method skins, expression packs, animated short films, short videos and other content.

2D and 3D emoticons


Panda Pango series expression packs have been on the WeChat, QQ, Line, Baidu input method and Sogou input method platform. There are more than 50 sets on the platform. The cumulative downloads of expressions on each platform exceeds 6 million, and the cumulative sending volume exceeds 200 million. The expression also spreads to more than 230 countries and regions around the world with the Line platform, becoming the most popular Chinese panda series expression.

WeChat expression QR code




Our short videos have been launched on social platforms such as WeChat, Vibrato, and Weibo. The giant panda Pango wearing blue clothes quickly became the favorite of cat powder.
Animated Short Films of Pan Ge and Paquin’s Ancients


In 2018, we launched the first episode of the animated short film “Pango and Paquin’s Food Scenery”: “Pango and Paquin’s Ancient One”, in the short film, the panda chef Pango leads his apprentice, the orangutan Pakkun. In front of the Tiexiangsi Water Street Archway in Chengdu High-tech Zone, the traditional cuisine of Sichuan is “one side”. The short film has more than 1 million playbacks without any promotion.

Animated Short Films of Pan Ge and Paquin’s Ancients


Each episode of the Pango and Paquin Food Scenery animated short film will be led by Panda Pango to lead the orangutan Pakkun at a well-known Sichuan attraction to create a Sichuan speciality. In the following works, we will show the audience: the three cannons of the wide and narrow alleys, the sad jelly of Luodai Ancient Town, the oil tea of Qingcheng Mountain, the Sanhe mud of Jiuyan Bridge and so on. Panda, special food and beauty are the most representative elements in Sichuan. I hope that with the vivid and humorous performance of 3D animation, I will bring the joy of Sichuan, the production methods of Sichuan specialties, Sichuan famous spots and Sichuan and Chengdu. The local characteristic culture is presented to the audience, so that more viewers can understand the unique charm of Tianfu culture.


Sample of “Pango and Paquin Daily” series “Electric Dance”


In addition to the “Pango and Paquin’s Food Scenery” series, we are also developing a series of short films “Pango and Paquin Daily”. With the help of Pan Ge and Paquin’s two protagonists, the two main characters from the East and the West are different from the cultural background and personality contrast, shaping the contradiction of the story, and telling the daily fun of Pan Ge and Paquin in urban life in a humorous way.

“Pango and Paquin” IP has now gained a certain degree of social recognition and is highly recognized by the industry. Since 2017, a number of cross-border authorization cooperation has been reached:
Ito Yokado authorized cooperation


In 2017, authorized Chengdu Ito Yokado “Love Chengdu, Pango to play with you” National Day large-scale shopping mall theme activities, during the National Day, the full-scale decoration promotion of 7 Ito Yanghua Hall in Chengdu. It became the landmark event of China’s original animation authorized Japanese enterprises, and Hongyao Culture became the first IP partner of Chengdu Ito Yanghuatang. During the event, the flow of people exceeded 35 million, the flow of people increased by more than 15% compared with the previous year, and sales increased by more than 20%.
New Hope Dairy Package


Emei Snow Bud Packaging Authorized Installation Authorization


During the event, we also authorized the packaging of nearly 30 brands in Ito Yanghuatang store, including New Hope, Weiquan, Mazi, Emei Snow Bud, such as water nut, lollipop, bell dumpling, Lai Tangyuan and so on.


Some other licenses include:

2017 Xiling Snow Mountain Ice and Snow Carnival

The 14th Shenzhen Shajing Golden Jubilee Festival in 2017

Authorized CCTV Panda Channel in 2017

Authorized Sogou input method in 2017

Authorized Wacom China in 2018

Authorized Baidu input method in 2018

Authorized Imperial City Vendor in 2018

In 2018, Pango became the designated authorized image of Chengdu’s copyright special training.

2018 authorized to add a one-time APP image to settle in



Derivatives in sales and proofing


Taobao storefront


“Pango and Paquin” IP series derivatives are also under development, and Taobao stores are already online. Since the “Pango and Paquin” project was launched, we have been highly recognized and encouraged by the industry and abroad. In the past 2 years, we have won the following honors:


2017 Lai Meng Award Super IP Potential List Literature / Anime IP 15
2017 Rong Chuang Cup Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
2018 China IP Industry Annual Conference – Man Ying Tour Venture Capital Competition The most commercial value animation image award


2018 China IP Industry Annual Meeting “Jade Monkey Award” Annual Top Ten Expression Pack


2018 Beijing Wenchuang Contest Chengdu First Prize


2018 Beijing Cultural and Creative Competition Finals and Organizing Committee Special Award


I have come all the way in these years, and I saw the rainbow at the beginning of the storm. We have won a lot of honors, but more importantly, we have a place in the large cultural environment of Panda IP. The road ahead is still very long. My team and I will cherish the good opportunities in the current era of cultural creation and make more excellent cultural and creative products.

[Author] Wu Hao, Founder & General Manager of Sichuan Hongyao Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Master’s Tutor of Chengdu University Art and Film Institute. In July 2000, he graduated from the Animation Department of the Film and Television Art Department of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts (the first graduate of Chuanmei Animation). In the same year, he joined Global Digital Media Technology Research (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., IDMT (the earliest established, largest and most professional in China). The 3D animation company started the earliest 3D film production in China as early as 1999. It has served as the company’s following positions: art director, executive director, director and project manager, director of professional committee, company art director (mainly responsible for all domestic and foreign companies) Art direction of the project and large-scale project management work). Founded in July 2012, Sichuan Hongyao Culture Communication Co., Ltd. has been leading the team in the development of the original animation IP of Pango and Paquin.

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