Modelling of Marvel’s Most Powerful Heroine Exposed

Captain Marvel released the cover of the first entertainment weekly magazine, and it was the first time we have seen the captain of the surprise captain. Don’t want to fall in love at first sight!

At the same time, a number of stills were released, each of which contains important information.

Everyone knows that the story happened in the 1990s. At present, the captain of surprise is already the most powerful hero in the Marvel movie universe. He has many super powers, including the “small” ability of moving the planet, Bly Larson said. The captain of the surprise couldn’t help but want to be herself. Her grumpy temper was wild and very aggressive. This made her fighting amazing. She was always the first to fight in the battle, not waiting for orders, sometimes this role. Shortcomings.

At the beginning of the film, Carol Danfoss has acquired super powers. He did not talk about the source of super power. At the sight of her, he left the earth and went to Kerry’s parent star, Hala, to become a star. A member of the Kerry Military Strike Force of the Starforce, which consists of elite soldiers and is led by the commander of Jude Law. Obviously this is not a traditional superhero origin story.

In this still, you can see Dr. Minerva, who appeared in the “Galaxy Guard” and played by “Hunter” Coles by Jermaine Hansu and Chinese actor Gama Chen.

The commander of the Star Force, played by Jude Law, is still undecided. He is initially identified as the first generation of surprise captain Mai Wei. At this time, he is teaching Carol to learn to control his power and control his emotions.

Following the “Galaxy Guard” we once again saw the accused Ronan, who is played by Lee Pace, who is a high-ranking member of the Cree society. On the right is Anna Burton, one of the two directors.

There is a SHIELD logo on the Carol hat. It looks like it is in an archive room, which is Carol’s classic everyday style. It is worn by Nine Inch NailsT rock band. The band was founded. 1988.

This time the villain is one of the three alien races of Marvel, which is the first time the race has appeared on the big screen. Ben Mendelson will play Talos, the leader of the villain variant of the villain, and the Struts have the ability to transform and easily invade any organization, while Ben Mendelsohn plays Talos. Then the invasion was in the SHIELD. The two left and right are directors Ryan Flake and Anna Burton.

Nick Fury, Samuel Jackson, is not the director at this time, his eyes are still there, only the bottom operator, this time will use CG technology to make Fury 20 years younger.

Larna Lynch’s Maria Rambo, one of Carol’s old friends, can see the word “Maria’Photon’ Rambeau” on her jet. The code name is “Photon”. In the movie, she is a single mother of a daughter. In her comics, her daughter is the hero “spectrum” Monica Rambo.

So, are you excited about the debut of this character! Are you looking forward to it more and more? The film will be released on March 8, 2019, and I look forward to how the Captain of the Avengers 4 will be able to clean up the tyrant.


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