The “Minions” will Return to Perform a “Jailbreak” on December 14th

Universal Pictures released a new still of the Minions today. In the world-famous “Despicable Me 3”, the Minions have earned enough attention from the audience with a variety of adorable postures. Now, they will return to the big screen on December 14, performing a new “Jailbreak”.

This time, the Minions will appear screaming “Illumination” with a new short “Yellow is the New Black”, which will be the opening of the latest animation “The Grinch” by Illumination and Universal Pictures, foreshadowing the subsequent appearance of Grinch.

The short film “Yellow is the New Black” presents a “Jailbreak” played by the adorable Minions. Viewing from the rich facial expressions and the physical movements of the Minions in the stills, the jailbreak is still full of fun. In “Despicable Me 3“, the Minions made a flying vehicle with the prison toilet and managed to escape from prison. We cannot wait to see how they will escape this time!

As a popular animated character, the Minions debuted on the big screen in “Despicable Me” in 2010, and became a bright star in the animation industry with their adorable images. In 2017, this group of “prison breakers” became even more popular with the release of “Despicable Me 3″. They not only won the favor of more viewers, but also helped the film earn box office of more than $1.034 billion worldwide. So far, “Despicable Me 3″ still ranks third in Chinese animated film box office. Besides, the movie “Minions” starred by the Minions won a box office of 116 million on its premiere day, ranking No. 1 in box office of all animated films released in China in 2015. It earned 1.159 billion US dollars at the box office worldwide, ranking No. 1 in all the animated films by Universal Pictures.

As an industry-leading animated film production company, in addition to creating  the Minions, the illumination has also created a number of distinctive, sleek and glamorous animated characters, such as the loyal dog Max, the cat Chloe and the rabbit Snowball in “The Secret Life of Pets”, the koala Buster Moon, the mouse Mike and the gorilla Johnny in the “Sing”. These hilarious and funny pets attracted countless spectators. In the following two years, they will return in the sequels, continuing to bring joys to the audience on the big screen.

The film “the Grinch” also creates an impressive classic animated character – the Grinch. Lonely and wayward, he hates the lively atmosphere of Christmas and decides to steal it, thus leading to a series of ridiculous behaviors. Dubbed by Benedict Cumberbatch, the film will be screened in mainland China on December 14th, with Pan Yueming voicing the Chinese version.

Source: NetEase

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