“Maleficent 2” Wrapping up, Jolie & Fanning Returning while Pfeiffer Joining

Julie & Fanning

Michel Pfeiffer

Disney’s fantasy new film “Maleficent 2” officially wrapped up, and was released in North America on May 29, 2020. Angelina Jolie and Ellie Fanning returned while Joe Aguim Rooney (“Pirates of the Caribbean 5” “Marco Polo”) directed.

Newly joined: Michelle Pfeiffer plays Queen, Ed Sculin decorated the villain, Harris Dickinson (“The Beach Mouse” “Dark Heart”) replaces the predecessor of Brandon Swayz Prince, Judith Shekoni (“Navy Crimes Office” “Twilight 4”) plays Maleficent’s friends Shrike, Chevat Egafort, Jan Murray (“Where is the Magical Animal”, “Brooklyn”), Big Wei Ji Yaxi (“Destroy” “Interstellar Crossing”) also participated.

Jez Butterworth (“007: The Ghost Party” “Tomorrow’s Edge”) and the former screenwriter Linda Woolverton wrote the script. The sequel occurred a few years after the previous sequel, continuing to explore the complex relationship between Maleficent and Aurora, and the two formed an alliance against new enemies to protect magical creatures.



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