LuxCoreRenderer 2.5 released

Version 2.5 of LuxCoreRenderer has been released. The new version adds OptiX/RTX acceleration, non-uniform camera bokeh, new AOVs, randomised texture tiling and rotation, translation and scale. Also included are several new textures such as a wireframe map, a distort map, a brick texture capable of pseudo randomising colours per brick, a texture bombing map capable of randomly placing decals, and more.

BlenderLuxCore also gains OptiX viewport denoising and a new light group editor that allows the user to edit brightness and colour in a compositor node group alongside many more quality of life improvements.

LucCoreRender 2.5 is open source under the Apache License Version 2.0. Find out more on the LuxCoreRenderer website and read the list of new features in the release notes.


Source:CG Press

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