“Luo Xiao Hei” will be with Japanese Cinema Line for the First Simultaneous Screening

The animated film “Luo Xiaohei ” directed by MTJJ announced the release date on September 7th in advance. The film’s eponymous series has been updated since 2011 and has a solid fan base. “Luo Xiao Hei ” currently has a high reputation. The score in Douban and Taobao ticket is respectively 8.7 and 9.7.

The film “Luo Xiao Hei ” not only landed in the domestic theater, but also went abroad. It will be released on the big screen of Japan. It is reported that the film will be exclusively screened at the SHIMHUMAX CINEMA in Tokyo from September 20th to September 29th. The pre-sale will be opened on September 6th and can be reserved through the “Zhuoran Film” WeChat public account. This is also the first time that Chinese animation simultaneous Screened in the Japanese Academy. As a big animation country, Japan’s animation industry not only accounts for a large part of its GDP, but also has a strong influence on a global scale. This simultaneous screening is not only an exclusive benefit for the fans of Japan’s “Luo Xiaohe”, but also a good cultural exchange and a confident expression of Chinese animators.

The film “Luo Xiao Hei ” was produced by Beijing Gene Picture Film Co., Ltd., Beijing Hanmu Chunhua Animation Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Zhuoran Film Co., Ltd. In Japan, the company is sponsored by Team Joy Co., Ltd., and the Japanese-Chinese Cultural Industry Exchange Association and the Japanese Association of Chinese Language Education. The film will land on the major theaters nationwide on September 7 and land on the Japanese cinema on September 20.



Source :China.com

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