Light Field Lab and OTOY have Teamed up to Achieve the Star Trek Holographic Experience

The name Roddenberry is inextricably linked to the Star Trek series. Gene Roddenberry is considered the founder. Now OTOY and Light Field Lab, two industry leaders in holographic rendering and innovation, announce that they will collaborate in the industry. The first end-to-end holographic ecosystem. The collaboration enabled the two companies to combine Lightfield Lab’s innovative, non-head-mounted holographic display with OTOY’s ORBX technology.

Original holographic content is currently under development, and the leaders of the development team are Ariel Emanuel (CEO of Endeavor) and Rod Roddenberry (CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment & Executive Producer).

“OTOY has created capture, rendering and streaming technologies that have put the entire industry on the path of holographic content development and created the RNDR blockchain,” Emanuel said. “We are very excited to be able to create real holographic content through this platform. And in the display of Light Field Lab, it will bring unexpected experience to consumers, which is the effect that 3D eyes and VR head-mounted displays can’t achieve.”

The original prototype of Light Field Lab was to expand the scale and make a larger holographic video wall with tens of billions of pixels of light field resolution, setting the standard for a fully immersive holographic experience.

The OTOY blockchain GPU computing network provides support for rendering holographic content. Earlier this year, LightField Lab presented holographic prototypes with OTOY renderings to key industry stakeholders, including Endeavor, Roddenberry Entertainment and Richard Kerris (a consultant at OTOY).

Light Field Lab and OTOY are committed to bringing this holographic experience to the professional and consumer markets, ultimately enabling the production of Star Trek Holodeck.

Prototypes and future products will be rendered using OTOY’s instant light field physics engine and cloud architecture, which computes network rendering via the RNDR blockchain GPU.

Source: vrfocus



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