Launch of Kloa: Child of the Forest on Kickstarter

Publisher Crytivo, alongside developer Wildpad Games, are proud to announce the launch of Kloa: Child of the Forest on Kickstarter.

Consumed by a mysterious curse, restore a once lush forest and its inhabitants to their natural state in this action adventure tale. Experience fast-paced combat, puzzles, and the beauty of nature captured in handcrafted pixel art.

The balance of the forest is destroyed. What was once a beautiful, lush land full of life and wonder has now become a tainted landscape for demons and other twisted creatures. The place where Kloa had once grown up – a place teeming with harmony – has now been corrupted by a mysterious phenomenon, the “Ikari Curse.”

This curse has corrupted the minds of once peaceful animals, forcing them to turn into ferocious beasts. As the curse spread throughout the land, the balance of Kloa’s world has shifted. Now, you must find a way to restore the balance.

Kloa: Child of the Forest is an adventure action hybrid set in a colorful world inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Studio Ghibli with handcrafted pixel art.

Enjoy all that nature has to offer and visit a variety of different biomes as you progress on your journey. Kloa’s unique environments offer a fresh aesthetic whilst paying homage to classic top-down games.


Experience action-based combat with your choice of a katana or bow. Achieve melee combat combos and attacks, guard and deflect projectiles, dash to avoid enemy hits, and pierce your foes with Kloa’s special “soul bow.”

Key features:

  • Variety of biomes to explore
  • Beautiful hand-drawn pixel art
  • Intriguing puzzles
  • Action-based combat with a katana or bow
  • Melee combat combos and attacks, guard and deflect projectiles, dash, and special “soul bow”
  • Purchase items and upgrade skills
  • Enjoy rich environments and an emotional story
  • Orchestral soundtrack inspired by Japanese music

发行商Crytivo和开发商Wildpad Games很自豪地宣布《Kloa: Child of the Forest》将在Kickstarter上发行。

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