Kungfood to be Screened on Aug. 17th and Pre-Screened on Aug. 11th, with Heroes Fighting on Top of Foods

The movie Kungfood was officially re-alerted to be screened on August 17th, and the poster of “Food Whole Food Beauty” and the “Heroes Collection” version were released. The “Sweet, Spicy and Savoury” in the poster represents the different tastes of the gourmet heroes, and also represents the all-encompassing food surprise in Kungfood. The rivers and lakes of foods are surging, the sky changing suddenly, and a big battle is about to start. The young hero Bao Qiang is not afraid of danger and wants to become a great hero, brave and fearless to save the food world, and strive to protect the five-flavor stones.

The The film Kungfood has just ended, and won high praise, acclaimed by the audience as “creating a new era of Chinese animation”. The pre-screening will officially start on August 11-12 with the pre-sale keeping pace. Come and experience the charm of Gourmet.

Screening Changed to Aug. 17th, Gourmet Never too Late to Come out, Delicacy Heroes Finally Gathering

The film Kungfood  is officially announced to be released on August 17th, and has published the poster “Delicacies Assembled” and the trailer “Heroes Gathering”. The poster shows 6 kinds of delicacies – sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty and fresh, Bao Qiang and Hua Xiaolei sitting back-to-back in the ten peach forest, perfect interpretation of sweet little pink; naughty cotton candy monkey stealing lemon slices are sour to the facial features, people can not help but swallow, It seems that he can feel his taste buds; Musashi and Yamazaki stand on the top of the bitter melon, and one climbs on the wall of bitter gourd. It not only shows the super-strong martial arts of the two, but also reveals that the relationship between the two is very bitter; and the domineering imperial Sister Qiaoqiao is the representative of the hot girl. The style of acting is very popular. It is suitable for her to represent spicy. Salt is very clever use of salted duck eggs as the sun, salt as the waves, salted fish as the main image, the picture is neat and tidy. The theme is very pleasing to the eye; the fresh crayfish image is used to express the style of the whole picture. The lobsters floating in the air are tender and juicy. The whole set of poster styles is light and pleasant, and the content is very simple and clear and gives a refreshing feeling.

The style of the trailer is very different, the ultra-fast rhythm is intriguing, the atmosphere is tense, and every frame is a wonderful content that cannot be missed. With more and more compact music, the heroes of the food world will appear one after another, and the heroes will guard their own. That belief and perseverance, the current world of Wuweishi has made the food industry a huge change, and it has become the audience’s eagerly awaited story.

Ten years waiting to live up to expectations

Director Sun Haipeng once said that when he made this film, he was like a pot of soup, a small fire and a slow-cooking scent, and it was like practicing a kung fu. Ten years of cold and winter became the foundation. The director began to make animations in 2004, and successively published the heroes with buns as the main character on the Internet, and won the favor of a netizen. In the following years, he also insisted on making an animated “Gourmet Adventure” with Baoqiang as the main character, making it a After releasing the IP animations of more than 100 countries and regions at home and abroad, the director also decided to continue to make film production with Bao Qiang as the main image, adding food elements to enhance the theme and the texture of the film. A real gastronomic animated film. Waiting for ten years will not be in vain. This summer’s most appetizing family animated film “Heroes of Food and Adventure” will be released nationwide on August 17th. Good food is not afraid of late, and the hero will meet each other.

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