Joypolis and Spaces Cooperated to Launch the VR Off-Line Experience of “The Terminator” in Shibuya

According to the industry’s latest news, Spaces has partnered with Sega’s Joypolis VR offline experience store to open a new VR experience attraction near Shibuya, Tokyo. Shibuya is one of the most prosperous transit stations in the world, and the store will open on October 25.

In August 2018, Spaces opened its first VR entertainment center in Orange County, California. Its flagship product is the VR experience with the theme of Terminator 4: The Savior.

The Los Angeles-based company allows up to four players to experience Terminator VR. Unlike consumer-grade products used at home, Spaces adds motion simulators and more sensors to VR headsets, which makes entertainment center players more immersed in the experience.

Sega and Spaces’ “Terminator 4: The Savior” VR experience will be located in the most prosperous traffic zone in Shibuya, with partners including Cinemax, Songcheng and Skydance.

Spaces CEO Shiraz Akmal said in a statement: “Guests visiting the new Joypolis VR in Shibuya will be the Terminator and see his friends in his Extended Reality (XR) experience. Spaces are truly global It attracts audiences all over the world. We are honored to bring our high quality experience to our guests in Tokyo – this is our first overseas location, you can enjoy exciting and interactive interaction with friends and family. adventure.”


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