Joker 3D version of CG artists

This year’s “JOKER” grossed more than US$950 million worldwide. Rated IDMB8.8 points and 9.1 points on Douban.  These high scores in the two most conservative websites prove “Joker”’s success.

With the worldwide popularity of the “Joker”, many artists have contributed their own paintbrushes. The joker is characterized by his horrible expression, evil laugh, pale face and scratched mouth. Here, have a look at the clowns created by the various artists.

1) French veteran character artist Duc (Phil) Nguyen

It was created by French veteran character artist Duc (Phil) Nguyen. Duc (Phil) Nguyen has worked on a number of high-profile projects, this is the joker from “Batman: The Killing Joke”, in which the author sculpted a model in ZBrush, and then used Maya and v-ray rendering. The hair was done with Ornatrix and Substance Painter for global texturing. Hats and clothes were done with Marvelous.

2) Francois Bouquet, 3D character artist of Paris, France


This joker is created by a 3D character artist from Paris, France, who works at Tap4fun. The clown he created was also extraordinary.  “He” is quite different expressing a little “The Mask” feeling.

3) Turkish artist Hossein Diba


This is from Turkish artist Hossein Diba. In addition to carving all the models, most of the textures were painted by hand.

4) Avinash Pande, Indian character design artist


Avinash Pande has done a lot of work with famous games like GTA5, Riot Police 3, and WWE Mayhem. This is the work he did in his spare time, using ZBrush, Maya, Keyshot.

5) Spanish sculptor Javier Urena


6) Chinese concept artist Long Zhang

Long Zhang is a concept artist from GuangZhou. He was involved in the production of Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Ghost Action: Wilderness, God of War 4, League of Legends and other works. He has worked for Ubisoft, and now he’s gone to Netease. In this work, he used Mari to make the texture, Maya for the hair, ZBrush for the model, and Arnold for the light and shadow.

7) Chinese 3D character designer Xu Guang Zhao


Xu Guang Zhao is a 3D character artist in ShenZhen. He has worked for VHQ, MoreVFX and other companies and is currently working for Tencent.

8) Danish 3D character artist Stig Petersen


Stig Petersen is a Danish 3D character artist. He is a freelancer. This work is sculpted in ZBrush and rendered in Keyshot.

9)Spanish student J. Pedreno


J. Pedreno is a student from Spain who sculpts in ZBrush, uses Substance to make textures, and finally renders in v-ray.

10) Brazilian 3D artist Fabio Wasques


Fabio Wasques is a Brazilian 3D artist.  He is currently working at Clan VFX. He has worked as a programmer, web designer, editor of video, and finally went to CG.

11) David Pereira, American 3D sculptor


David Pereira is an American 3D digital sculptor who has served as chief artist for Retro Studios, the Nintendo games studio that produced “Metroid Prime“ and “Donkey Kong”. He is currently working as a freelancer.

12) Laura Peltomaki is a 3D character artist from Finland who currently works at Next games.


13) Leo Haslam, Polish 3D character artist


14) Estonian 3D character artist Aleksandr Kirilenko


Aleksandr Kirilenko is a 3D character artist from Estonia who has worked on “Batman: Arkham Origins”, “Extreme Racing: Horizon”, “Natural Selection 2” and other games. Currently working on FOX 3D.

15) Canadian character concept sculptor David Giraud


David Giraud is a Canadian character concept sculptor who has worked for Ubisoft, THQ, EA, DC and now VOLTA. This sculpture was made when he was in DC.

16) Trinidadian artist Okera Damani


17) Bernardo Cruzeiro, Brazilian 3D character artist


Bernardo Cruzeiro is a 3D character artist from Brazil. He has worked for companies such as Aquiri and is now a freelancer.

18) Turkish artist Farhad Safikhani

Source: CG world

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