Join us for cocktails at the Spanish Pavilion

Join us for cocktails at the Spanish Pavilion

March 23rd from 4-5pm

The Spanish Pavilion is hosting a cocktail hour at their booth #P1567 in the North Hall during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Grab a beverage and a snack and enjoy demos from several Spanish developers, including Those Who Came, an upcoming co-op survival game with RPG elements from RollDBox.

In Those Who Came, players will have to work as a team to survive and thrive on a hostile planet. You are the last of the Sainen — a species who faced near-extinction after the collapse of their planet. Hoping for their kind to survive this cataclysmic event, they sent forth a ship of explorers, frozen in a cryogenic state. After detecting a suitable planet more than two centuries later, your mission begins: tame the deadly planet of Solarus and build a new home for your people. But you won’t be alone. You will have to work with the Torek, the native species of Solarus, to bring the planet back to life, forging a deep and strong connection in the process.


Key Features

  • Work cooperatively toward a global objective of healing Solarus and having a planet to call home. This is not just your story, but an epic tale of forging a new life together.
  • Choose between different types of suits, mods, and abilities and tailor your character to fit your personal playstyle.
  • Gather materials and salvage equipment in missions, using them to create new suits and mods that will enhance your appearance and abilities.
  • Play together with others, exploring the surface of Solarus in a PvE environment, or fight against other players in the Stadium to score valuable bonuses.



We are a young studio based in Barcelona, passionate about collaboration, creativity and innovation and strong values like respect, commitment and transparency. We believe that videogames have the power to generate positive energy in our lives and improve our social skills through interaction with the gaming community, while enjoying a fascinating experience. We love teams that want to learn and evolve every day, feeling part of our purpose. We are creating a new generation of video games for you, gamers, where YOU MAKE THE GAME happen.

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