Introducing Binge: The Future of Gaming Entertainment 

E3 offers an exciting time to celebrate the world’s best in gaming; no matter what device you play on, or the kind of games you love – we all have a shared passion for games and an interest in what the future holds. And while gaming may have become more mainstream in recent years, we are still sorely underrepresented in the entertainment space.

But we’re about to change that.

Today, we are excited to announce Binge, a new streaming platform showcasing premium original series and shows inspired by the most popular video game worlds and content creators. Binge is an on-demand content platform that lets fans experience content together and will be available to stream for free on any Internet connected device when it launches in 2022.

Binge started with a focus to make high-quality, premium entertainment content for gamers – and do it in a way that respects the fans and the games that inspire them. Founded by a team of experienced content production veterans united by a passion for games, we take a collaborative and fan-centric approach to content on Binge. We have signed incredible partners and inked development deals with the world’s most popular content creators, game publishers and studios to produce premium original series across retro, indie and blockbuster titles. From cult classics to the biggest hits, Binge provides a premium platform for every story.

Best of all, Binge brings content and community together and offers opportunities to watch content with your friends together in Squad Parties, while earning meaningful rewards just for watching series and shows on your TV, mobile, PC, Mac, Linux or game consoles.

“What sets Binge apart is that we’re bridging the gap between gaming and traditional entertainment – bringing the best of both words together. With our extensive background and expertise in production, gaming and development we’re fully committed to deliver high quality content that respects the games we love. Over the coming months, we’ll share more information as we set the stage to welcome fans to the ultimate platform for original gaming entertainment.”

– Cody Hackman, Chief Strategy Officer & Binge Co-Founder

“When I directed Uncharted, the film, with Nathan Fillion starring as Nathan Drake, it was designed to be a love letter for the gaming community but to also prove there was a place for these kinds of adaptations; it was about staying loyal to the IP and the DNA of that world. The support the film received shed light on the fact that there is a real demand for this kind of content. Now we are thrilled to bring that same passion and fandom to But, most importantly, to create an opportunity for gamers around the world to actively contribute and help define the future of games entertainment with us.”

– Allan Ungar, Chief Content Officer

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Source: Gemini Public Relations

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