An unlikely group of characters begin to melt their misinformed prejudices of each other in this newly revealed icebreaker scene from Ice Princess Lily. Featuring the voices of Mackenzie Ziegler, Cameron Ansell, Kevin Dennis and Benedict Campbell, the wintry family adventure is coming to theaters and VOD on December 27 through Viva Kids, having launched on DIRECTV last month.

The musical movie follows titular fearless ice princess Lily, who teams up with a young dragon named Tabaluga to stop an evil snowman and his army of polar bears from freezing over the entire world.

Directed by Sven Unterwaldt Jr. (The 7th Dwarf), Ice Princess Lily (also known as Tabaluga) is a German/Canadian CGI feature animated by Studio Rakete, Sophie Animation, Trixter and Awesometown; produced by Tempest Film in co-production with Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion and with Yellow Mountain Studios for China.

Based on the Tabaluga franchise created by German musician Peter Maffay, Lily grossed $3.82 million in its Germany release and was picked up for distribution in more than 50 territories at Cannes 2019.

By:Mercedes Milligan/Animation Magazine

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