Hotel Transylvania 4 arrives on Amazon’s streaming platform on January 14

The animated film “Hotel Inn 4” gave up its release in North American theaters. The film skipped the North American theater release and went directly to streaming media Amazon Prime Video. To buy the film, Amazon paid Sony a $100 million deal. For this news, most netizens expressed shock, and some people were looking forward to the movie after watching the trailer, and hoped that China would also launch it soon.

“Elf Hotel” tells the story of an “Elf Hotel” in an extremely remote area of ​​Transylvania, which was specially built by the vampire Dracula with huge sums of money, for monsters and their families all over the world. Provides a place to indulge in joy, temporarily away from the constraints of human society, Frankenstein “Frankenstein” and his bride, mummy and invisible man, as well as the werewolf family, they all seek safety and shelter here. calm. The first three “Hotel Elf” films have grossed a combined $1.3 billion worldwide.

Hotel Transylvania 4 is the last in the series, Dracula’s voice actor Adam Sandler quits, replaced by Brian Hull, other voices return, and Jennifer Crewe, who previously directed “DC Superheroes” Ska teamed up with SpongeBob SquarePants director Derek Delemon, which tells the story of a magical ray that accidentally transformed the entire family of elves, humans into monsters, and monsters into Humans, in order to avoid permanent body swaps, travel the world in search of cures, and start a hilarious tale of crazy adventures in the world.

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