Horror Game, Today Is My Birthday releases Oct 30th

Publisher, Crytivo and Developer, Wonder Games Studio announce the release of the classic horror game Today Is My Birthday on steam October 30th 10am PDT.

Wonder Park was once filled with joyous shrieks and laughter, but now it rests in an unsettling silence. In the wake of a devastating earthquake, its decaying figure looms in the distance, replacing pleasant childhood memories with an air of mystery. For Thomas Wilkes, the park holds a very special place in his heart. It is where his father once worked, and where he’d celebrated the majority of his birthdays. Now, after his father’s sudden passing, Thomas wants nothing more than to visit the park one last time. He will slip past the rusted gates and unknowingly enter a waking nightmare.

Note: This game contains content that is not appropriate for all ages. Frequent horror, some violence, blood and general mature content present in the game.

About Todays Is My Birthday

Today Is My Birthday offers a classic horror experience for fans of the genre, pitting players against insurmountable odds with only a few tools at their disposal. Your own survival instincts, problem solving skills, and willingness to explore will shape your fate.

Game Features

  • First person experience
  • Story progression that asks the player to observe their surroundings
  • The immersive art and the haunting soundtrack
  • Doesn’t rely on jump scares to keep you on the edge of your seat


Release Date

October 30th for PC on Steam


About Crytivo
Crytivo is an indie developer and publisher, founded in 2017 by Alex Koshelkov in San Diego, California, Crytivo works with game developers around the globe to bring you the best, most creative indie games in the world.


About Wonder Games
Stanislav Stepanov, from Moscow, Russia, started working on this project about 4 years ago. HeI came up with the idea of the game while creating a camera asset for an asset store. Stepanov thought it would be interesting to make an atmospheric first-person game in which the camera was the main weapon and Today’s My Birthday was born.



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