“Home Under the Sea” Brings Marine Experience to Impoverished Children in the West




Produced by The Thinklab in Spain, directed by the Oscar-winning director Julio Soto, jointly produced by Dadi Media and Dragon Dreams Animation Studio, the 3D animated film “Home Under the Sea” is on screen nationwide. On September 2nd, “Home Under the Sea”, was screened at Heaven Cinema at the Pamir Camp, with 200 students from Wa Yaoben Village Primary School in Tajik Autonomous County of Taxkorgan, Kashgar Prefecture, Xinjiang watching.

“Home Under the Sea” mainly tells about the global warming caused by human’s unscrupulous destruction of the environment. In the future, the whole world is submerged by sea. Living in a mysterious underwater cave, the only remaining marine animals, including the protagonist Shenshen, are protected by the big octopus “grandfather Kun”. Once the naughty protagonist accidentally detonated the torpedo, which destroyed the homeland. Only if he goes into Human City and find Grandfather Kun’s old friend Nansen can he resolve the crisis, and at the same time, Shenshen and his partners keep making breakthroughs and growing up in this adventure, which makes it an inspirational story. With advanced production technology and a 3D screen specifically designed for Asians, it prevents eyes from being injured, thus being more suitable for children to watch.

Situated in the hinterland of the Pamirs, the village of Wa Yaoben in  Kuksiluk Township, Tashkurgan County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is lacking in resources and almost isolated from the world. On the day of the screening, the children came to the Paradise Cinema early. Never been to the sea, they were eager to know about and feel it through the movie. The peculiar and adorable sea creatures refreshed their minds and aroused their curiosity. When watching the movie, the children were completely attracted by the ups and downs of the storyline and the gorgeous images. “It is the first time I have seen such a big octopus, they are really amazing!”, “I really like Dengdeng, who was timid at first, yet eventually saved his partners bravely, which is well worth learning!”, “Although we do not have a sea here, we must protect the oceans with care, or we will be submerged by the sea.”

This free screening aims to attract more attention to the children in the impoverished areas in the west, and more theaters to take root in these places. In the meantime, as the summer vocation comes to an end, “Home Under the Sea” also brought joyful winds from oceans to these children who have never seen the ocean.

Source: NetEase

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