Here Comes the Long- Expected Digital Media Technology Exchange Summit!

From November 17th to 18th, jointly organized by Silk Road Vision Technology Co., Ltd. and CG Global Entertainment Limited, supported and directed by Futian District Cultural Industry Development Office, co-organized by Shenzhen Digital Creative and Multimedia Industry Association, the 20th China International Hi-tech Fair – Digital Media Technology Exchange Summit will be held in the Plum Blossom Hall of the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. 

Many industry leaders gathered, they jointly inaugurated the opening ceremony.The first to show up is the founder of CG Global Entertainment Limited, Mr. Raymond D. Neoh, who delivered an opening speech, sharing his initial intention with the audience, and inviting everyone to Booth 1A15 in Hall 1. to visit.

The first speaker in the morning was Mr. Jacques Peyrache, founder of XD Productions in France. He gave us a featured lecture on “Real-time Characters and Scene Digitization Technology”. The content includes the development of XD Productions, as well as the creating process of 3D and 4D.

After listening to Mr. Jacques Peyrache’s speech on 3D, in the afternoon, Mr. Scott Ross, the founder of the American Digital Domain, gave a speech on “Global Visual Effects Development and Market Trends”, talking about the development of special effects from the initial special effects film to the present and sharing his own views on VR\AR technology.

After two cons,ecutive speeches on 3D and special effects, Hong Kong Senior Counsel, Director of ICBC, Board Director of Hong Kong University, Mr. Anthony F. Neoh, delivered a speech on management, legal and financial aspects of digital production, taking the creation of “Thru The Moebius Strip” as an example, with videos, manuscripts, dubbing of the film. In the process of explaining law and financing, he also emphasized the importance of sorting out tax issues.
At the end of Mr. Liang Dingbang’s speech, he also invited the creators of the participation of “Magbis Ring”, Sheng Long and Zou Yu. Mr. Sheng Long recalled his experience of participating in the creation. Zou Yu was also the director of “Bean Fu Chuan”. He was very excited when he talked about the experience of GDC in the past.
Finally, Mr. Liang Dingxiong and Mr. Liang Dingbang invited the employees of GDC to take a group photo together.

At the end of today’s summit, Mr. Li Mengdi, Chairman of Silk Road Vision Technology Co., Ltd., gave a special speech on “New Values of Creative Works in Internet Communication”. From the three aspects of digital marketing, exhibition display and design visualization, Mr. Li Mengdi has built the “Our Self-confidence” series of theoretical articles “The Eternal Eternity” and the “Working on the Qingdao Association” For example, Hezhihe defines us what is new value.

Tomorrow in the Plum Blossom Hall on the fifth floor of the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, there will be more featured lectures on digital media. Welcome to attend!

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