Great news about BIG Festival!

Panorama Brasil presents 30 games at BIG Festival 2022

Public will be able to play Brazilian games selected for the non-competitive show of the event; seven selected games were developed by students

BIG Festival brings to Panorama Brasil of the 10th edition of the event 30 games by Brazilian developers to be played for free by the public present at the festival. Wow!

Panorama Brasil is a non-competitive showcase of Brazilian games at the BIG Festival. Every year, the festival’s Selection Committee evaluates the games submitted by Brazilian developers and chooses the highlights to be showcased at the event.

This edition features games created by students. Seven games developed in a university environment were selected to participate in the show.

AppQuantum’s Experience and Insights at BIG Festival 2022

Publishing, Cooperation and Problems

What is a developer-publisher partnership? Is it a hierarchy or a team effort? Does it only work like the media describes or is there something else? There exists a massive discrepancy between what a publishing partnership actually looks like and how it is represented. Victoria Beliaeva, Head of Business Development at mobile game publisher AppQuantum, shares their vision on this complicated subject, based on their own experience and industry expertise.

AppQuantum is an international mobile game publisher, known primarily for titles such as Gold & Goblins, Dragon Champions and Idle Evil Clicker. Since its founding, the company has been constantly growing and exploring new areas of work.

One of the company’s main lines of work is codesign. The company’s employees are involved in the creation of the game from the concept stage — they help developers choose the genre, the setting, and the key mechanics, in addition to sharing expertise on the product and assisting teams throughout the entire game development process.

AppQuantum also directs considerable attention towards development of their M&A strategy. They invest in promising studios with talented developers interested in taking their business to the next level.

In order to both expand its own expertise and knowledge, as well as better help development teams at every stage of the process, AppQuantum recently partnered with world-renowned developer Playrix, whose experience is sure to further improve an already impressive portfolio. Having been on the market for less than 5 years, the publisher already managed to make the games in its operation reach a milestone of 100,000,000 downloads.

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