Goldbee Annouced its New Projects

Goldbee brought the latest slate of exciting youth programs and family movies. The programs includes new 3D/cgi adventures and merchandising is also ready for preschool hits, and big budget live action dramas already airing in Asia, the US and Europe.

Here below are the programs it announced:

The Muscleteers NEW CGI ADVENTURES, season one, 45×11′. Welcome to the Harbor district: a bustling port full of activity and cosmopolitan flair. Its dank, shadow-filled alleyways are not always safe for the area’s rodent residents. But the flame of hope still burns thanks to our courageous protectors — The Muscleteers! Together they are legendary! The Muscleteers stage their magnificent missions and rip-roaring rescues from the safety of their top-secret base. One for all and all for one!

The Game Catchers NEW + L&M, season 1, 52×7.5′ The tiny planet Flossy floats in a colorful universe populated by alien children of all kinds. Flossy is home to a very special place: The Game Catchers Headquarters! The Game Catchers are a team of five friends on an interstellar journey to explore fantastic planets, with the aim of learning about, playing and collecting games so they are never forgotten. In each episode, they travel the universe discovering new and unexplored planets making friends with the inhabitants, and every time playing a new game with them.

Shorty and the Legend of the Enchanted Reef (66 min.) : The clumsy and energetic reef fish Shorty, his smart sister Indigo and Jake, a daring sawfish, live in a colorful coral reef. When an enormous trawl devastates their reef, the three friends have no choice but to set out on an adventurous journey to find a new home. Full of humor and imagination, this film for the whole family raises awareness for the acuteness of marine conservation.

Snow White and the Magic of the Dwarfs (90 min): After her father’s death, Snow White is at the mercy of her self-loving stepmother. Locked in a tower by the evil queen, Snow White repeatedly escapes and secretly helps the old blacksmith. There she meets Prince Kilian, who immediately falls in love with her. When the queen’s plan to marry Snow White to a rich noble backfires, she plots to kill her but Snow White is rescued by seven dwarfs, while Prince Kilian searches for her throughout the kingdom.

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