Redstone Interactive and Offworld Industries – the developer of the smash-hit military simulator Squad, are excited to announce Beyond The Wire’s launch into Early Access. Up to 100 players will be able to snake through WWI trenches and storm battlefields beginning Wednesday 21st October, priced at $34.99 USD, €29.99 EUR or £27.79 GBP. Beyond the Wire is the premier game of Canadian indie developer, Redstone Interactive, and is the newest title published by Offworld Industries.

Beyond The Wire is a large-scale multiplayer first person shooter that immerses players in the visceral and chaotic battles of World War I. The Western Front is brought to life in all of its shocking and bloody realism, with up to 100 players fighting across deadly open battlefields and claustrophobic horrors of trench combat in the most stunningly-detailed tactical FPS of WW1 that has been seen in a game to date.

Playing as a member of elite American, French and German armies, teams will need to work together in order to survive in Beyond The Wire. The lives of your squad will depend on tight communication, unit cohesion, quick wits and skills to break through the frontlines and crush the enemy. Squads will be able to utilize period-appropriate guns such as pistols, rifles, poisonous gas, shotguns and machine guns, as well as clubs, bayonets and more with Beyond The Wire’s advanced tactical close-quarters melee combat system bringing the horrors of war up-close-and-personal unlike anything that has been seen in a first-person shooter before.

Across the Battles of Zonnebeke, Frise, Ansoncourt and more real-world locations from WW1, multiple game modes allow players a choice of how they experience The Great War. Environments seeped in historical accuracy fully immerse players in each theatre of war as the 50 vs 50 player large-scale conflicts rage on in all directions as far as the player can see, with tight corners, limited vision and muddy debris-strewn pathways that are all fraught with danger.

“Having worked closely with everyone at Redstone and seen the true craftsmanship that has gone into building the game, I am extremely excited about its launch into Early Access and believe they are creating a truly unique WWI team-based FPS that will redefine the genre”, said Will Stahl, CEO at Offworld Industries. “From there, we’re confident the game will continue to grow through community feedback and continuous updates so that the player experience will be something that stands tall alongside the very best the genre has to offer”.

“We’re thrilled to be able to launch Beyond The Wire into Early Access. The game has been a labor of love for our team in creating the most authentic WW1 experience”, said Bruno de Araujo, CEO at Redstone Interactive. “We’re excited to partner up with Offworld Industries and, we are committed to work with them on developing Beyond The Wire through Early Access and beyond.”

Beyond The Wire is planning free content updates that include the British Army and gameplay updates through 2021. In addition, Offworld Industries and Redstone Interactive will utilize player feedback to ensure the game is constantly evolving as a high quality and rewarding player experience.

For more information on Beyond The Wire, please visit the official website and keep up to date with all the action on Steam, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Twitch and YouTube.

About Offworld Industries

Offworld Industries was founded in 2014 by a group of passionate game modders on a mission to build a full-game version of the Project Reality mod.  Armed with the goal of partnering and helping indie developers on a similar journey to create outstanding games, Offworld Industries is both an independent game developer and a publishing studio.

To aid in that effort, it licenses the Squad Framework to partner studios to provide an agile development framework for new titles. Offworld Industries has published two military tactical shooter games – Squad, the studio’s internally-developed modern tactical FPS, and Post Scriptum, a World War II team-based FPS developed by Periscope Games. They are also serving as the publisher for Redstone Interactive’s upcoming WWI game titled Beyond The Wire, which will be launching on Steam Early Access October 21 2020. For more information about Offworld Industries, please visit: https://www.offworldindustries.com/


About Redstone Interactive

Redstone Interactive Ltd. is an independent game development studio based in British Columbia, Canada. Formed by a coalition of developers and modders, Redstone Interactive’s primary focus is to create original and memorable gaming experiences with a heavy focus on community.

Redstone’s team consists of 20 developers who all share a deep belief in making exceptional games that deliver long-term value to their players. Redstone prides itself on providing a working environment that allows its employees to challenge conventional wisdom with innovation and insatiable curiosity. Redstone Interactive’s debut game is Beyond The Wire which is launching on Steam Early Access on October 21, 2020.


Source:Heaven Media

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