“Global Content Creators Showcase 2021”  Spotlights Women Filmmakers

All Female Panel Featured Award-winning Filmmakers Anna Fishbeyn and Eva Lanska, German American producer Christina Rose and Alien Films’ Eileen Tasca; Moderated by Director/Activist Kate Rees Davies

Los Angeles, April 16, 2021 –  On April 14, 2021 at 7 am PST (4 pm CET/France), Cloud 21 International (www.cloud21.com) and Kultura PR International (www.kulturapr.com) presented the inaugural installment of  the “Global Content Creators Showcase,” a special virtual event held during the time of MIPTV.

The by-invitation-only online event, watched by more than 3,000 viewers from the global entertainment community, featured the top names and rising stars of the global content industry. The event inspired a lively discussion with panelists award-winning filmmakers Anna Fishbeyn (United States) and Eva Lanska (United Kingdom), German American producer Christina Rose (Germany) and Alien Films’ Eileen Tasca (Rome).

“The panel was a great way to highlight international women in entertainment doing great work. We need more platforms like this to showcase the talented women working in the industry. To see the diversity of the projects in the group was amazing,” comments event moderator director/activist Kate Rees Davies.

Event highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfqLiMy9Sik

Eva Lanska on why she decided to make I Am Not An Actress, a film about the philosophies of Brigitte Bardot

Eileen Tasca on director Jerszy Skolimowski and the inspiration for their new film Baltazar…

Christina Rose on her new series Wonder Women…

It’s such an honor that we are going to premiere the “Wonder Women” series this summer at Kat Kramer’s 10th anniversary of Films that Change the World. The theme for this year is “Sheroes for Change,” so we are hoping we can finalize our last episode even if it means doubling up on masks and trying to everything that we can to film this.

Anna Fishbeyn on the topic of women becoming leaders…

It’s actually very difficult for young girls and women to wake up in the morning and say I’m going to be a leader…I had such difficulty imagining myself as a director. I was okay with being the actress, I was okay with being filmed, but the idea of going behind the camera was actually quite difficult…and watching other directors and seeing that they’re in charge, that took a lot of confidence, a lot of guts…Having confidence is an active process.

Watch the full event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD19eWvaMn8

Photos/Video Courtesy of Cloud 21 and Kultura PR.


Source: Cloud 21

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