Game is out now at USD 4,99 on the Xbox digital store. Hook up 1 to 4 players, enter a crazy arena and enjoy tons of family-friendly fun!

São Paulo, November 25th — Get Over Here will gather everyone at your house in exciting matches with up to four local players with a simple goal: snatch other players with your hook, bring them close to you and finish them off with a cool attack to score a point. You may want to scream the name of the game with a strong voice when you hook them – do it at your own discretion.

Get Over Here  brings all the joy and vibe of the good old party games like Bomberman and Towerfall to the Xbox One today for only US$ 4,99 – and in January 2021 the Get Over Here craziness unleashes on the Nintendo Switch too!

Presented in a quite unusual reality show premise, choose between 12 fun and cool characters, use hook guns to get close and personal to your opponents and finish them off in six different arenas full of funny traps and hazards. Players can even choose between a couple of different score rules, and the bout can happen in teams or in free for all formats.

So gather your folks at home, have some snacks ready and try to not get too personal when you get yourself finished in a match to decide who is the best hook ‘n’ finisher in the house!

Key Features

  • Party up! Have 4 up to players hooking and finishing enemies up in all the chaotic fun of the game locally in free for all or team-based matches.
  • Gorgeous Classic 2D Experience: Remember the good old 90’s vibes with colorful, vibrant graphics and an exciting soundtrack.
  • Two game modes: Finish your opponents in single matches or in a tournament in Classic Mode, or fight them in the brand new Xbox exclusive Soccer Mode.
  • Different Arenas: There are six areas, each one with their own unique set of traps and layout.
  • Choose your favorite: Choose between 12 crazy characters, each one with their own unique visual style and animations.


Source: Flux Games

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