[Gamescom] Try 2 ARTE games!

ARTE France will be at Gamescom this year!

Gamescom is less than a month away and we know your schedule is filling up fast, but ARTE will be present in the business area and at Indie Arena Booth to present its two games How To Say Goodbye & To Hell with the Ugly,.

How to Say Goodbye

How to say goodbye is a narrative puzzle game inspired by illustrated books. Move the scenery and manipulate reality to help a group of ghosts wandering between two worlds reach the “other side”. But beware of the evil spirits that will try to keep you prisoner…


Demo Hands-on available at Gamescom

First look at the Switch Demo : improved graphics, updated mechanics and more

Available on: PC, mobiles, Switch (Unannounced and confidential, announced during Gamescom)

Release date: Fall 2022

Developped by: Florian&Baptiste, ARTE France

Publisher: ARTE France

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1709700/How_to_Say_Goodbye/

Presskit: https://arteexperience-presskit.arte.tv/sheet.php?p=How_to_say_goodbye

To Hell With the Ugly

To Hell With the Ugly is an adventure game adapted from the novel by Boris Vian.

You play as Rock Baily, a young man whose greatest quality is his gorgeous looks. Mysteriously kidnapped and tortured outside a jazz club, he wakes up with the firm intention of finding those responsible for his abduction. Between turn-based bar fights and investigation in the Los Angeles of the 50’s, discover the truth behind this horribe scheme.


Demo Hands-on available at Gamescom

Available on: PC

Release date: early 2023

Developped by: La Poule Noire, ARTE France

Publisher: ARTE France

Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1455450/To_Hell_With_The_Ugly

Presskit: https://arteexperience-presskit.arte.tv/sheet.php?p=To_Hell_With_the_Ugly


About ARTE

Founded in 1992, ARTE is a European public cultural television channel and digital network with a focus on creation and innovation. Over the past ten years, ARTE has co-produced multiple interactive creations such as the games Type:Rider, Homo Machina, Vectronom, The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature, Unmaze, Bury Me My Love and Inua: A story in Ice and Time. More information on the official website and the Twitter page of Arte Interactif.

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