Game Developer Index will be presented at Sweden Game Conference

Every year, Swedish Games Industry releases the Game Developer Index report, a summary of key figures and growth for Swedish game developers. This year, the Game Developer Index will be launched at the Sweden Game Conference.

Sweden Game Conference is Europe’s leading conference for students, startups and indie developers in the gaming industry. This year you will be able to follow the conference on between 21-23 October.


Key figures and new trends

On the morning of October 21 at 10.50, Swedish Games Industry launched this year’s Game Developer Index, a report that summarizes key figures and growth for the Swedish games industry. The game developer index also tends to highlight new trends that can be seen in the industry.

“The presentation of the Game Developer Index during the Sweden Game Conference will provide extra visibility for us, both within and outside our industry. We are very happy about this opportunity and look forward to being part of the presentation of this year’s report”says Magnus Ling, project manager at Sweden Game Arena.


Does the industry continue to break records?

The Game developer index usually break records. Last year’s report was no exception as it revealed that the Swedish gaming industry in 2018 increased its revenue by as much as 42% and had sales of over 19 billion SEK. This year’s report will reveal whether the positive trend continued in 2019 and much more.

“The launch of the Game Developer Index is one of the highlights of the year. Sweden Game Conference is also one of the highlights of the year” says Per Strömbäck, spokesperson for the Swedish Games Industry. “This year the two coincide and it is almost as if the stars are aligned, so we hope for success”


Ask your questions about the report

This year’s Game Developer Index was presented at the Sweden Game Conference on October 21 at 10.50. At the end of the seminar, there were an opportunity for the media to ask questions to Kajsa Grafström, the author of the report, and Per Strömbäck from Swedish Games Industry.


Source: Sweden Game Arena

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