ftrack Studio has a ton of new features

Introducing a ton of new features

There are a bunch of updates and improvements coming to ftrack Studio that will reduce friction in your workflows – including new integrations, a bigger, better Connect, and the first steps toward a whole new UI

Connect 2.0 + Maya and Nuke integrations

The new Connect is here, alongside an enhanced pipeline framework for improved integrations

The new ftrack Studio UI and sidebar

See the first step in a long-term UI overhaul of ftrack Studio: the new, more flexible sidebar

Split tasks in the Gantt scheduler

Gain more control over resource management by breaking up your tasks →


New and improved client review

ftrack Studio now has the same modern UX features as ftrack Review. See what’s changed


A more responsive Lightbox Player

ftrack Studio’s web player now offers improved media support and increased responsiveness


Status permissions in ftrack Enterprise

Gain more granular control over who has permission to change your project statuses

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