FRAME.IO 3.7 ANNOUNCED: NEW SPEED, PRECISION AND SECURITY FEATURES has just announced some major upgrades to its services and apps, which includes everything from the online app to FCP X integration updates.


Heading up the new announcement is the official launch of the Transfer App. Transfer gives users more customisable control over how assets are moved. Users can both upload and download large files, folders, or entire projects with one click. Transfers can be prioritised and bandwidth can also be configured.

Bandwidth is configured with an allocation panel, allowing optimisations for speed or to allow multitasking more easily while transfers are ongoing.

Desktop notifications can be switched on to alert users as to the status of the transfer, while overwrite behaviours can also be configured to handle duplicate files. Full xxHash checksums are employed to make sure that files have been transferred accurately.

Download permissions can be enabled so that people who have received public share links can download files and assets without needing to log in.

The 3.7 Transfer App. FCP X Workflow Extension

With the latest release of FCP X, new features have been included to make workflows more flexible.

The new Workflow Extension takes advantage of the new FCP X proxy workflows, with the ability to use either H.264 or ProRes to generate proxy files before viewing them in a variety of different resolutions and sizes. Clips can be downloaded in the background by dragging them straight from the extension into FCP X.

The Workflow Extension also now lets users add keywords, perform clip renaming, event sorting, or to cut them straight into the timeline while downloading. Batch downloads can also be performed for more complex projects that contain main folders. Original camera files can be relinked from for finishing or mastering.

HDR playback is now supported on capable iOS devices.

HDR Playback on iOS devices and new Enterprise features is now supporting HDR playback on all HDR capable iOS devices for better remote workflows.

PQ Rec.2020 or P3 colourspace based files can be uploaded and the system will create 4K 10-bit HEVC proxies that will play back on supported iOS devices. Automatic tone mapping to SDR also takes place for devices that do not support the new format. Full HDR Airplay is also supported for HDR-10 compatible displays.

Enterprise account holders are also getting some new features including an internal watermark ID system. This lets users configure watermark templates for individual teams to help prevent unauthorised distribution of assets.

Watermark IDs can have their position, text colour, and opacity adjusted when creating a Share Link to prevent the watermark from interfering with viewing the content. Finally, role based permissions have been enabled so that who can view, share or download unwatermarked assets can be controlled more easily. 3.7 allows full Watermark ID configuration.

iOS Player improvements

Last on the list of improvements to is with the system’s mobile review experience. A double tap on the left or right of the iOS device screen will jump forward or backward, with the jump period being configurable from one frame to 30 minutes.

Dragging the playhead is now frame accurate, so users can scrub through thumbnails of clips much more quickly and easily. The same Move-to and Copy-to features from the web app have now been enabled on iOS. So files and folders can be moved to designated folders within your project while retaining the same folder structure.

The commitment that the company has to making constant improvements is highly commendable. This latest round of additions shows a focus on ever increasing usability and speed. That this is the case rather than gimmicks is a clear demonstration of how much the company would appear to value its userbase.

View a full demonstration of the new features in the official video below:


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