Everything We Know About Control by Remedy


Over the years Remedy Entertainment has given us some of the best third-person shooter games like Max Payne, Death Rally and Alan Wake. All these titles last are developed by Remedy until Control comes out.

The last release from them was the Xbox exclusive game Quantum Break which received a lot of praise for its graphics, unique theme, and amazing gameplay that hooked players till the very end.

Now for 2019 Remedy is bringing us their newest creation Control which is set to release on 27th of August and it looks really good. With just a few days remaining till it’s launch here is everything we know about Control.

What Causes The Events Of Control

The FBC, a clandestine American government agency responsible for overseeing and controlling supernatural activities, is under attack by a paranormal force known as The Hiss. The game’s protagonist, Jesse Faden, arrives at the FBC and finds it already under the control of the Hiss. The overall objective of the player is to retake control of the FBC by eliminating the Hiss. Along the way, they will encounter hostile forces which they must either defeat or escape from


Unlike Remedy’s previous games where the stories are set in multiple locations. Control the game takes place inside a building called the Oldest House which is a skyscraper in Manhattan, New York where the FBC operates. This is something that has kept the fans thinking over how an entire game will play out in one location.

Since the game is all about supernatural abilities so the location will have some unusual things going on because the place defies the laws of physics and is way too big from the inside. The place also has connections to other dimensions so players will eventually get to explore more places. This is brilliant designing my friends.


This is the latest gameplay video, which we got to see during E3 2019 is pretty much what we’ll see in the finished product. Have a look.


The game is built using the Northlight Engine which as also used to make Quantum Break so expect the gameplay to be very familiar with Remedy’s new title. However, improvements are made, especially to combat and player movement and the new player abilities and gameplay elements based on the supernatural theme.

Control is a third-person shooter with gunplay and combat being the game’s main focus and unlike Quantum Break which allowed the players to take various forms of arms like pistols, SMG’s, Rifles, etc. Control brings a very different approach to your weapon play. The game will have only one service weapon and its not just an ordinary pistol as everything is all supernatural the weapon you get to play with also belongs to the same category.

Your supernatural weapon has many abilities that allow you to take down corrupted enemies who also have superhuman abilities since there will be only one weapon for the players it will have a lot of customization options. The weapon can also be used as an automatic pistol as well as a shotgun.


Just like Quantum Break, Control also requires the players to depend on the supernatural abilities and Telekinesis plays a huge role during both combat and navigation. almost all of the present movable objects can be shifted from their places or thrown directly as enemies. Great offense!

The best thing is players can also gain timed abilities like Flyin which again can come handy during combat and navigation. You can even use the enemies to your advantage by utilizing them as diversions or backup if you are outnumbered (Which you be will a lot of times)

Protagonist Jesse Faden has an energy bar which depletes with the use of her service weapon and abilities, both of these have the same energy bar therefore proper use of both the things is required and you can’t go running around blasting your moves.

As for the progression system, the game features a skill tree which layer can use to upgrade their weapon and supernatural abilities.  Powers can be gained by finding “Objects of Power” which are hidden across the building and speaking of the health bar like always it depletes when you take damage and can be increased by gaining health points from dead enemies.


About the game’s graphics, Remedy has always focused on cinematic cutscenes. Character models and their graphical renders seem to have undergone enhancements compared to quantum Break. Environment texture and shadows have been improved. Control supports ray-tracing so if your system is strong enough, you can enjoy the game at it’s best possible visual settings


According to the gameplay videos, movement and player physics have been improved from what we’ve seen in Quantum Break. Movement in Control is smoother and more flexible than any previous game developed by Remedy.

Particle physics also looks like it’s been improved as is evident from sparks and smoke generated upon environmental destruction. The gun recoil system looks more realistic than what we’ve noticed in Quantum Break since you can actually feel your aim becoming less accurate with every shot fired.

We also got to know about the PC requirements for Control earlier.

With just days left in the release of Control we cant wait to see how everything plays out.

By: Buntoo Cage

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