Elvenar brings the new Autumn Zodiac season!

The journey through our Autumn Zodiac event starts September 6th, until September 28th players will be able to meet Xaverius, a halfling chosen as a proxy by harvest gods Kirit and Kraka, and Glisal, an ancient centaur that visits the city during spherical conjugation.

Once again, the stars are aligning and a spherical conjugation has begun. While you are waiting with anticipation for the arrival of another celestial bear visitor, to your surprise a rather strange-looking and definitely not a celestial creature finds his way towards your city. Exhausted and famished, he followed the stars to your city, where he hopes to find some help to repair his vessel and some tasty food to fill up his belly. Well, he just arrived at the time of Harvest Festival! Will you help and feed this strange creature, so you can learn all about his mysterious life?

Following the questline and fulfilling the event tasks, you will be rewarded with Golden Keys which you can use to open up Spheres containing all kinds of prizes, including varying daily rewards. Of course you can also find Golden Keys around your city outskirts, by reaching quest milestones, and by visiting your city on a daily basis.

Open Spheres and you will receive a few Star Dust that will make you progress your Grand and Royal Prizes of this event. The first Royal Prize you’ll get is the base for your Witty Raccoon and the Ingenious Bakery.

This event will also feature the Leagues system, as well as the Royal Prize Pass!

More information about the event can be found in this video:



Elvenar is available for free on browser and mobile for Android and iOS devices.

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