“Early Man” is Set to be Released on Oct. 19th, Oscar-Winning Crew Producing the Elaborate Stop-Motion Animation

The animated film “Early Man”, produced by Studio Canal, ardman Animation – the world’s top “stop-motion animation” producer that has made Shaun the Sheep and Chicken Run and the British Film Institute exposed its preview and posters today, and officially announced its national release on October 19. The film was directed by Nick Park who has won several Academy Awards. Tom Hiddleston,  Eddie Redmayne who has won Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, as well as Maisie Williams participated in the dubbing. The film tells about the prehistoric period when the woolly mammoths roamed the earth, the primitive”Stone Age” tribal people fought the invaders of the “Bronze Age” tribes to acquire freedom and regain their own territory through competing in football games. The humors in the film and the connotation of the story that teaches people to be indomitable make it an ideal choice for parent-child viewing in October.

Stone Age VS Bronze Age, Tribal Conflicts Triggered a Prehistoric Football Match

In the trailer exposed today, looted and expelled by the “Bronze Age” tribes, the homeless “Stone Age” tribal primitives decided to fight the “Bronze Age” tribe under the leadership of Dug. However, Dug’s teammates are all rookies without basic skills of playing football, but the opponents are 11 strong star players, a strong and weak century match will be kicked off in the ancient arena.

In the finalized poster of “Invincible Primitives”, Dug stood on the “C-bit” and greeted him with the most important game in his life. Behind him, the century-old battle between Stoneware and Bronze At the touch of a hair, can Doug, who shoulders the hopes of the entire tribe, lead his teammates to turn the tide, can the primitive people of the “Stone Age” tribe regain their homeland? All the answers need to be announced after the release of the film on October 19.

Shaun the Sheep’s Crew Spare no Efforts to Make the Film, Eddie Redmayne and Hiddleston Fighting for the victory.

The production team of the film includes a number of masters. The production company – ardman Animation Company is a world-renowned “stop-motion animation” production company, which has produced excellent stop-motion works like “Chicken Run” and “Shaun the Sheep”. The director Nick Park who has won Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film, will once again direct an animated feature film after 12 years of painstaking polishing. What kind of new surprise will the gold animated director who has won Academy Awards 4 times bring to the audience? Let us wait and see.

The film’s voicing lineup is also star-studded, with Oscar’s Best Actor “Little Freckles” Eddie Redmayne dubbing “The Heroic Dug”, and Tom Hiddleston voicing the “Bronze Age” tribal tyrant Nuss. The two people’s confrontation scene has added a lot of fun to the film. Maisie Williams also joined the crew, voicing the talented football girl Guna. The powerful production team and dubbing lineup make audiences anticipate the film.

Directed by Nick Park, dubbed by Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne, Maisie Williams, etc., the animated film “Early Man” is produced by Studio Canal, the British adelman animation and British Film Institute,  imported by China Film Group Corporation, distributed by Huaxia Film Distribution Company, synchronizated by Changchun Film Group Dubbed FIlm Production Co., Ltd, and has been set to be released on October 19 in mainland China.


Source: Tencent

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