Death Stranding is Releasing on PC in Early 2020

Kojima Productions has finally spilled the beans on a possible PC release for its upcoming title Death Stranding and the game is indeed releasing on PC. Announced by the developer on their official Twitter account, Death Stranding is coming out on PC early Spring 2020. It is not normal for PS4 exclusives to arrive on PC however we’ve seen the trend changing lately.

Death Stranding is the first title by Kojima Productions, a video game studio found by Hideo Kojima after he left Konami. It is also the most hyped title arriving on PS4 next month however after the latest announcement, PS4 players will not be the only ones to experience this brilliant game. PC players will also get to play this much-hyped title next year.

The PC version of Death Stranding will be published by 505 Games who recently released Control which is an amazing game as well. There’s no confirmation whether the game will be released across all digital stores on PC or Epic Games will nab this title up exclusively as well. Epic has been nabbing a lot of titles lately so it won’t come as a surprise if Epic Games tries to get Death Stranding to release on its store exclusively even if it is a timed exclusive.

Before Death Stranding, the entire video game roster of Quantic Dream which was previously exclusive to PS4, made its way to PC via Epic Games Store. Similarly, Journey also saw a PC release via the same digital store. PC players were also able to play Nioh however it saw a multi-store release on PC. Death Stranding is a very promising title and a lot of players are looking forward to playing it.

It is a good thing that Hideo Kojima wants to ensure that players are able to experience the game regardless of their platform. PC will also allow the developer to really show how well their game looks because PC will allow players to run the game in much higher resolutions including 4K. PC has always been the best platform for games when it comes to visual fidelity and now players will be able to experience Death Stranding in its best form as well.


By: Umair Khalid

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