Crytivo Officially Acquires IP for Life Sim – Farm Folks

Crytivo Officially Acquires IP for Life Sim – Farm Folks

San Diego, CA – Indie game developer and publisher, Crytivo, has officially acquired the IP for the Life Sim, Farm Folks. After being successfully funded on Kickstarter back in 2018 with nearly $70,000, Farm Folks was set to make a major splash in the casual, farming game realm. However, the game came to a standstill early on in its development – in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic – and the original developer was unable to continue work on the game.

Please keep in mind that most of the art assets available online (Steam page or Kickstarter) will be outdated and will not represent the new visual or technical direction of Farm Folks.

Rather than let Farm Folks wither away, Crytivo – the original publisher of the game – has fully adopted the project as both developer and publisher.

When asked what prompted Crytivo to pick up Farm Folks, CEO Alex Koshelkov stated, “Farm Folks is a very special project for our team. It’s actually the first project that we signed for publishing a few years ago when we decided to become an Indie Game Publisher.”

Koshelkov continued, “Unfortunately, the original team struggled with development and fell short of delivering the promised game. The pandemic didn’t help.” With high expectations and nearly 1,600 Kickstarter backers eagerly awaiting news, “[Crytivo] decided to step in and acquire the project. Not only to fulfill promises made, but also by expanding Farm Folks through detailed customizations, modular construction, and automatizations.”

First screenshot from the Farm Folks prototype

Examples of the new Modular Construction System – Prototyping State.

With the first official Farm Folks Developer Log (Devlog) posted on October 15, 2021, fans – old and new – are getting their first taste of a project that nearly became a victim of both the hardships of the indie gaming world and of the recent pandemic.    

UI Design (WIP)

Seeing the passion and potential of the game, Crytivo hopes to curate a unique and unforgettable experience for fans. “We formed a new and enormously talented team to tackle the project and we have a lot of good stuff cooking already,” Koshelkov said.

We’re inviting everyone to share this journey with us and help us build the best Life Sim ever made!”

Farm Folks is set to enter pre-Alpha early next year for initial Kickstarter backers, all of whom will have their rewards fulfilled despite the change in developer. Crytivo is also planning to implement 4 player CO-OP to the game in the future.



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