Companionship is the Most Affectionate Guardian, The Wind Guardians Director’s Wife Hand-painted Poster for Love

The first animated film “Wind Mantra” in the Jianghu series is in the heat. Up to now, this year’s highest-rated domestic animated film has been released for 4 days, and the box office has broken 80 million. It is still growing steadily with the help of good word of mouth. The high-burning and funny story and the emotions that provoke tears make the “Wind Mantra” become the choice of more and more people watching.

Recently, director Liu Kuo just finished the final stop road show. In this month, he moved to 16 cities, lived in large and small hotels, and signed tens of thousands of posters for fans. For him, the roadshow’s rushing and laboring is psychologically easier than the filmmaking period. “In the last three months of production, everyone did not have a day off, and they worked overtime until the morning peak traffic jam.” Liu Kuo smiled.

At the end of the movie, Lang Ming refused the invitation of Yu Gongling and returned to his mother to end with the “back to the beginning” approach. This is what the director hopes to express with the help of the film: companionship is the most affectionate guardian. During the production, it was the companionship of the family and the team that allowed him to overcome difficulties and persist in filming. The “Companion” version of the poster released today is hand-painted by his wife and famous cartoonist Luo Yin. The meticulous brushstrokes will be the three worlds of Gan Gegu, the world, and the Gonggongling. They are sketched on the drawing paper, and each line exudes the deep love of “Your young dreams, I accompany you to go”.

Working 20 years to Realize the Dream of Chinese Animation

Director: We are a company that climbed out of hell.

“I laughed in front of this movie, I cried in the back, I didn’t want to leave the game, and I lost your tears.” A female audience and the director complained about the scene and laughed at the scene. One came with the whole family. Mr. also said, “To tell the truth, this is the first time I have accompanied my son to watch a cartoon without falling asleep, and I have watched the movie carefully. You are a country, good!” Reassuring, he said frankly: “In fact, there was a chance to make a movie in 2012, but the conditions at that time were not enough to support. In order to give the audience the best things, they were always preparing for this impulse.”

The film “Wind Mantra” tells the story of the young Lang Ming chasing the heroic dream, but the movie “Junior” Liu Kuo’s dream is equally bloody. For 20 years, he insists on being a country, but he does not forget his heart. In the most difficult years of recollection, Liu Kuo revealed that he and his colleagues even mortgaged the house and the car. He teased, “We are a company that climbed out of hell.” During the production of “Wind Mantra”, it was also difficult to make a big difference. I couldn’t do it a few times. Everyone was in a state of long-term anxiety. “To push the progress, we must solve all kinds of problems. In the last three months, all People don’t have a day off, they work overtime every day until they reach the early peak traffic jam, and they all come back.”

“Your young dream, I will accompany you to squat”

The director’s wife guards the super warm heart with a brush

In the movie, the young Lang Ming, in order to protect the villagers, embraced the mystery of the wind curse with his death, and the mother Mei sister was willing to sacrifice his life in order to protect his son. The emotional core of the double guardian pokes the tears of many female audiences. “Beginning from the blood, finally the emotion, this is the warmest cartoon I have seen this year.” Around the theme of guardianship, Liu Kuo explained, “I hope that after reading, I can understand the love that we are not good at expressing but have been selflessly dedicated.”

In order to support the director’s dream, Mrs. Luo Yin personally hand-painted a huge poster for the “Wind Mantra”. With meticulous brushstrokes, she sketched out the styles of Gange Valley, Manchu, and Gonggongling yin and yang. It was very shocking. This kind of dog abuse behavior of “Your young dreams, I accompany you to squat” has blown out a group of netizens: “This poster is a bit sweet.” “It’s no wonder that Lang Ming and Xiao Yao are so sweet. There is a prototype in life.” .




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