“Climber” is directed by Daniel Lee Yan-kong, produced by Xu Ke and Shanghai Film (Group) Co., Ltd.

Starring Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Yi, Jing Boran, Hu Ge, Wang Jingchun, He Lin, etc.,and Jackie Chan.

The film tells the story of the Chinese mountaineering team successfully climbing Mount Everest from the north slope on May 25, 1960. it’s the first time that human being reach the summit from the North slope.

The film will be released in China on September 30, 2019.

It has been 70 years.

It is the age of heroes!

In 1960, the Chinese mountaineering team climbed Mount Everest from the north slope. It’s the first time that human beings reached the top of Mount Everest from the North slope.

In 1975, the Chinese mountaineering team once again climbed the summit of Mount Everest from the north slope and measured the new height of Mount Everest at 8884.13 meters.

These two summits were completed during the difficult period of the country, reflecting the spirit of “No matter how difficult it is, it can’t defeat the Chinese..”

Breathing what the hero breate.

#Everyone is the climber#

Panda Pange is also a climber

Thought mountains are high again, as long as you could, you can finally reach the top!

Source:Sichuan HongYao Culture Communication Co.,LTD.
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