Cinemarket The digital film and TV market

Cinemarket is an online film and TV market for buying and selling rights anytime, anywhere.

It’s an innovative platform for film professionals, for both buyers (distributors, OTT platforms,

broadcasters, festivals and cinemas) and sellers (sales agents, producers and filmmakers).

It’s a platform where you can Sell or buy content on your own 365 days a year.


You can buy and sell films and TV content securely on our digital platform.

– Transactions are performed easily, saving time.

– The platform is free to join, saving money.

– Transaction costs are kept to a minimum, saving costs.

Get prepared for a new way of doing business in the film and TV industry with Cinemarket.


A new way

for searching and promoting titles

Sellers can showcase films and TV content, highlight their new titles, send screening links and

all marketing materials (trailers, posters, pictures, synopsis, etc) on our secure o n l i n e p l a t fo r m .

Buyers can easily search, find and evaluate content before making an offer.

Both sellers and buyers expand their network and get continuous useful information on the

platform’s community (who buys or sells, what and where?).


A new way

for managing rights

Sellers store and share a chain of rights. They can generate an automated tailor-made

license agreement or use their own template.

Buyers have access to all lists of available rights per territory for every film and TV content.

Both sellers and buyers negotiate directly thanks to Cinemarket’s internal secured and private

messaging system. All negotiations and transactions are confidential.

Contracts are stored on our secure online platform and accessible only by the seller and the

buyer who made the deal.


A new way

for buying and selling

Buyers can make a payment, in an agreed currency, in a few seconds through our secure

website; the amount is automatically transferred to the sellers’ account within 48 hours.

Buyers can use our online reporting service with its automated reminder system to send reports

and balance sheets to sellers.

Delivery of film and promotional material can be arranged safely and easily in a few clicks

through our online delivery system.


Partner with : Creative European Media Program of the European Union



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